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ITM Components began trading in 1991 and has over 20 years experience meeting customer requirements on a range of bespoke or custom solutions.

We are able to supply you with a wide range of Professional AV Systems, Video and KVM Switches, WiFi Antennas, USB, Coaxial and Ethernet Cabling, Ethernet Switches, Lightning Protectors, Insertion/Extraction Tools, Weatherproof Enclosures, WLAN Amplifiers, Fiber Optic Cabling and Converters, Patch Panels / Rackmount and Rack Drawers, Connectors, Adapters and Couplers, Environmental Monitoring Systems, PC104, Digital and Analogue IO Cards, Door Entry Systems and much, much more. Please use our new autocomplete site search functionality to find the product you need.

Whether you are an Industrial, Commercial, or Government Establishment, an installer or a private individual, we look forward to fulfilling your connectivity requirements.


What's a Zettabyte? How to keep up with the Data Explosion

August 03, 2016

Total traffic on the internet this year is going to surpass the one zettabyte (1 billion terabytes) mark. An IDC study sponsored by storage giant EMC tells us that we need to buy more storage because the digital universe will reach 40 zettabytes by 2020. Let's put this in context, though. You won't be able to buy petabyte hard drives...

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ATEN's Amazing 12-Port Displayport Video Wall Media Player

July 29, 2016

ATEN’s VS1912 12-Port DP Videowall Media Player is a video splitter, media player and videowall solution all in one. It allows creative users to put together videowall displays with overlapping media content and flexiable layouts. The media player can play multiple photos, videos and office files simultaneously and features an easy-to-use web GUI for video wall setup. It can be set weeks in advance to fit...

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NTI Introduces Management Software for Its ENVIROMUX-MICRO

July 28, 2016

Network Technologies Inc (NTI) have announced the addition of the ENVIROMUX-MNG-LC Environment Monitoring System Management Software for the ENVIROMUX-MICRO to its popular line of Environment Monitoring Systems and Accessories. The ENVIROMUX-MNG-LC intuitive graphical management software provides an easy-to-use, unified interface for both monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 ENVIROMUX-MICRO-T and ENVIROMUX-MICRO-TRHP units and all connected sensors via Ethernet. The software...

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The ATEN Control System (VK2100, VK6000, and ATEN Control System app)

July 18, 2016

The ATEN Control System, incorporating the VK2100 (ATEN Controller), the VK6000 (ATEN Configurator) and the ATEN Control System App is a standard Ethernet-based management system that connects all hardware devices in a room or large facility to provide centralized control of devices directly and effortlessly via an iPad. Simple profile setup in 4 easy configuration steps via intuitive GUI Customizable...

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