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ATEN are a leading manufacturer of KVM switchers and Pro A/V - Video switches, splitters, converters and extenders.

ATEN consists of innovative solutions applied to connectivity and professional audio/video for consumers, small/home offices (SOHO), small to medium sized businesses (SMB), and enterprise customers.

ITM Components are able to supply the full range of ATEN's KVM and Pro A/V range. If a particular option is not on our website, please contact us to obtain further details and pricing.

ATEN KVM Switching & Pro A/V

Aten KVM     KVM

KVM stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse and KVM switches allow you to control these features of multi-connected computers. ATEN KVM switches come in several different forms from a small 2 port desktop switch to a large remotely controllable KVM over IP

Cable KVM Switches | Some models have Video DynaSync™ - exclusive ATEN technology which eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes resolution when switching between ports. Cable KVM Switch options include USB or PS2 consoles, and HDMI, DVI or VGA. The new CS692 Switch takes a giant step forward from prior cable KVM models in the Petite series, by offering full HDMI functionality, USB 2.0 peripheral sharing (via a USB hub attached to the USB mouse port), and a firmware upgrade function that allows you to keep up with latest available versions.

Cat 5 KVM Switches | These control units allow IT administrators to access and control multiple computers from a single PS/2 or USB KVM console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) - (KH1508/16) or from two PS/2 or USB KVM consoles (one bus) - (KH2508/16). Available in 8 or 16 Port versions. These switches have been designed with unique and powerful features that enable administrators to manage their entire server room and data centre devices easily and conveniently.

Computer Sharing Devices | These offer a multi-user/single-task experience that enables two users to share the use of a computer from one or two consoles.

Desktop KVM Switches | Interfaces include HDMI, DVI, VGA and Displayport. Many models include independent switching for USB peripherals, audio, and KVM focus. The unique independent switching feature allows the KVM control to focus on one computer while the USB peripheral focus is on another computer. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate USB hub or stand-alone peripheral sharer – such as a print server, modem splitter, etc.

KVM Extenders | KVM Extenders have applications that reach far beyond the server room. Being able to extend the distance between a computer and a console, or centralise control of a number of computers in a different location, is useful in a wide range of environments, from Internet cafes to production lines. All of these environments require high-quality video to be extended over long distances. KVM Extenders continue to thrive throughout a wide range of industries, due to cost efficiency, easy cable management via CAT5, high video resolution and long distance transmission.

KVM over IP Switches | Take a look at Aten´s new generation of KVM over IP switches. The KN series, for example, allows local console access and remote over IP access for operators to monitor and access their entire data center over a network using a web-based browser. In addition, they offer out-of-band access with external modem support for BIOS-level troubleshooting when the network is down. With ATEN's KVM over IP Switches, IT administrators can manage their server rooms and data centers from practically anywhere - minimizing travel costs and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) – and ensuring the highest availability of data center services possible.

Great Value LCD KVM Switches | One of the most distinguished examples in ATEN's advanced KVM switch lineup is the LCD KVM Switch. To understand its benefits, let's first look at the two major drawbacks found with conventional KVM switches: 1) Although a single console can control multiple computers, the console that interfaces with the switch exists separately from the switch -- taking up server room space and resources; and 2) If two operators need access to the system at the same time, one of them will have to wait -- diminishing the installation's efficiency.

With an LCD KVM switch, however, the KVM console is built right into the switch. Since the monitor flips down and the unit slides back out of the way, it fits perfectly in a 1 U system rack, with no waste of space. ATEN LCD KVM Switches offer the perfect solution for enterprises that want to control server room costs, make efficient use of space, and modernize their server room capability.

Management Software/Control Center | Gain complete control of your enterprise - consolidate the management of ATEN devices.

Quality Rack KVM Switches | ATEN provides a complete range of rack KVM switches, LCD consoles and remote controllers to facilitate the installation of your server room infrastructure. With ATEN's rack KVM switches, you can access multiple computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). There is no need to purchase a separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse for each computer – this saves you cost, space, energy and time. The LCD consoles feature an LCD panel, a full keyboard, and a touch pad in a 1U rack-mountable housing. Simply slide the console module out and flip the cover to start using it. In addition, a KVM on the NET™ or a KVM Extender can be used in conjunction with the Rack KVM installation for remote access. You can control servers in different locations just as if you are right there in front of them, minimizing maintenance costs while guaranteeing 24/7 operation.

Secure KVM Switch | By combining physical security with controlled USB connectivity, the 2-port CS1182 and 4-port CS1184 give you the means to consolidate multiple workstations of various security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) console.

Serial Console Server | The SN Series of Serial Console Servers integrates cutting edge technology to provide secure serial device access and management for data centers. The new SN3101 3-in-1 Serial Device Server supports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 data transfers, as well as providing Ethernet connectivity for a wide variety of serial devices used in commercial applications. These include industrial control,data acquisition, access control, environment monitoring,banking, telecoms, remote site management, etc. This total serial data transfer system transforms the capability of legacy serial devices, and allows them to take advantage of the speed and reliability of today's modern communication techniques.

Matrix KVM Switches | ATEN Matrix KVM Switches are designed for modern data centers that require reliable, high security access and control of multiple servers. With non-blocked access and flexible expansion support, Matrix KVM switches offer high quality video sessions for secure, real-time control of your entire data center devices.

Accessories ATEN provide a number of mounting kits.


Aten Pro AV     Professional Audio Video

Control System | When it comes to creating the perfect environment for the perfect meeting, training program or video conference, you don't want to settle for anything but the comfort of control – without complication. You might have a modern environment with all sorts of high-tech equipment, but what makes it worthwhile is how you bring together the presentation with audio, video and lighting in a seamless collaboration. This is where a control system comes into the picture to provide integrated control and system automation.

The ATEN Control System, incorporating the VK2100 (ATEN Controller), the VK6000 (ATEN Configurator) and the ATEN Control System App is a standard Ethernet-based management system that connects all hardware devices in a room or large facility to provide centralized control of devices directly and effortlessly from a tablet computer or mobile device.

Modular Matrix Switches | These offer an easy way to route video and audio sources. Seamless Switch™ technology provides video switching in real-time, a built in scaler that handles different video resolutions, and EDID Expert technology for fast smooth switching between displays, giving you the perfect viewing experience. There are a selection of input or output boards available, compatible with the VM1600, which can be used in combinations for optimum flexibility.

Wireless | Extend your HDMI display wirelessly with one of our Wireless Extenders. All models provide 1080p at 30 metres and are HDCP compatible. Keep home theatre electronic devices neatly out-of-sight.

Video Matrix Switches | When it comes to creating the perfect environment for the perfect meeting, training program or video conference, you don't want to settle for anything but the comfort of control – without complication. You might have a modern environment with all sorts of high-tech equipment, but what makes it worthwhile is how you bring together the presentation with audio, video and lighting in a seamless collaboration. This is where a control system comes into the picture to provide integrated control and system automation.

Video Switches | ATEN's Video Switches enable the ability to build a multitude of flexible, integrated solutions for a range of video-related applications. In addition to digital signage and home theatre applications, they are ideal for broadcasters, system integrators and educators to extend and deliver high resolution audio and video signals. HDMI, DVI and VGA Video Matrix switches offer better signal strength and more sophisticated routing capabilities, addressing the sophisticated needs of today´s A/V professionals.

Video Splitters | If you want to connect multiple monitors to one audio/video signal source, you need to use specialized equipment – Video Splitters. ATEN Video Splitters, in combination with other products, can successfully meet the challenge of creating multimedia information systems of varying complexity - from a monitor and a projector connection to one PC to multi-storey shopping mall installations. Due to the variety of models produced, the ooptimal solution can be easily found practically for any project. In addition, all devices may be connected in a cascade which allows for the scaling of any existing media content distribution system with minimal costs.

Video Extenders | Available in Displayport, DVI, VGA, HDMI and HDMI 4K. ATEN Video Extenders use Cat 5e or fiber cables to allow you to extend the distance between the source device and displays in your video installations by up to 300 m or 20 km, making them ideal for applications where remote video displays are required. Video Extenders allow you to place computers or source devices in a secure location, or where they are protected from harsh environments, or simply when the display device needs to be at a distance from the source. ATEN’s Video Repeater allows you to extend the video transmission range up to twice the original distance, while the video synchronizer compensates for video signal delays and video color bleeding.

Converters | ATEN Video Converters allow you to connect a video source device to the display device of your choice, equipped with different video interfaces. We provide simple single port-toport converters which enable you to connect VGA based devices to DVI / HDMI digital displays, and universal interface products which integrate multiple device inputs into a single box for easy converting of various analog-to-digital audio/ video signals. With built-in easy-to-use features, this series makes converting connections simple.

Accessories | ATEN provide a series of AV accessories.

Aten USB     Mobility & USB

Gamepad Emulator | Not doing so well with FPS games on the game console? Can’t aim and shoot fast enough or accurately? The PHANTOM-S™ is the answer for players fed up with the drawback of clumsy slow controllers! The PHANTOM-S™ is specially designed to assist the gamer in FPS games on game consoles. You can abandon the conventional gamepad to enjoy smooth controls, enhanced accuracy, and continuous-fire with a PC keyboard and mouse for first-person shooter games on the game console.

TAP/USB to Bluetooth KM Switch | The CS533 Tap is a control unit that allows access to one computer and two Bluetooth devices from a USB keyboard and mouse. The CS533 Tap converts normal USB keyboard and mouse signals into Bluetooth connections to allow for easy sharing between your computer and bluetooth devices.

USB Converters & Hubs | These include a series of converters providing an external plug-and-play RS-232 serial connection for computers, notebooks, laptops, and handheld computing devices that support the USB specification. Other converters are available for HDMI 4K and VGA.

USB Extenders | ATEN provide a series of USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 extenders, enabling you to extend impressive distances.

USB Peripheral Switches | Compatible with both Windows and Mac, and with multifunction printer support, USB Peripheral Switches are the ideal way to share the latest USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 peripherals in a multimedia office environment.

Aten Cables     Cables

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