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10001173 DL-232/2x-13-MM-SC RS232/2xMM/Line/Star/FiberView RS232-FO-SYSTEM PROTOCOL TRANSPARENT



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Product Datasheet

Interface Datasheet

The fiber optic systems DL232 connect systems with a RS232- interface via fiber optics. The DL232 allows communication via software-handshake (X-ON/X-OFF). With the help of this innovative system optical bus, star, tree and mixed structures are possible.

The special multifunctional fiber optic system DL232-R also allows the construction of optical ring structures.

LEDs and potential-free contacts (optional for DL232) of a fault detector relay are able to signal defective states.

FiberView works similarly to a traffic light. If the €œtraffic light€ is green, everything is fine. If the yellow LED lights, the budget is still tolerable, but already below a certain system reserve. Additionally to the LED, this pre-warning level is also signaled by a potential-free contact. If the €œtraffic light€ turns red there is a serious error.