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LCR4000-02 1U Rack mount Chassis for CWDM Multiplexer and OADM Modules



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Product Datasheet

Metrobility's Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) solutions are perfect for campus and Metropolitan Area Network installations. These CWDM solutions can support up to sixteen (16) different channels on one fiber pair each carrying up to 1Gbps of bandwidth, and is accomplished through the expansion port on the 4-channel multiplexer. Metrobility's CWDM solutions combine a broad range of capabilities of passive optical CWDM technology with Radiance line cards and superior network element management through NetBeacon Element Manager to achieve maximum flexibility, scalability, and manageability. This combination creates a robust and flexible managed point-to-point or ring network solution. Metrobility's CWDM solution is ideal for applications where dedicated bandwidth, enhanced diagnostics, and secure PON connections are required. The CWDM network provides a cost-effective "no new fiber upgrade" solution.