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Extron JMP 9600 2K - JPEG 2000 2K Media Player With Genlock



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Product Datasheet

The JMP 9600 HD and JMP 9600 2K are high resolution video players that provide 2D and 3D playback of JPEG 2000 encoded video files at up to 250 Mbps. The players are ideal for entertainment and commercial applications where superior image quality is critical to the audience experience. The JMP 9600 offers two playback channels that can be independently controlled or synchronized for super widescreen or 3D displays.

Superior JPEG 2000 Compression

JPEG 2000 compression is the superior choice for high resolution image playback. 4:4:4 color sampling and 12-bit color depth provide fine granularity and minimal contouring. This is an improvement over MPEG which is limited to 8-bit color depth. JPEG 2000 was chosen by the digital cinema industry to produce a superior guest experience for film replacement in commercial cinema presentations.

1080p HD and 2K playback at up to 50/60p

Playback format support includes 720p, 1080i, and 1080p HD resolutions and 2048x1080p at film or video rates between 23.98 to 60 frames per second supporting the majority of native film and video formats.

JMP 9600 2K Video Synchronization

JMP 9600 2K players include a genlock input for synchronizing video outputs to external systems. JMP 9600 2K players also offer an Extron Lock input and output that can be used to synchronize video outputs from multiple JMP 9600 2K units. The Lock output can be used to generate a master Lock reference for multi-player systems or as a loop through connection for systems with up to 3 players. For larger systems, the Extron PDA 108 can be used to distribute the Lock reference signal to 8 additional players. Multiple PDA 108 units can be cascaded together to support synchronization for more than 8 players.

JMP 9600 2K LTC Show Synchronization

JMP 9600 2K model features a Linear Time Code LTC input and output for applications with show control requirements. The LTC signal provides a time reference for accurate video file playback and show effects. LTC can be looped out from one player to two additional units. For systems with more than three units, an audio distribution amplifier such as the Extron DA 6A can be used to supply LTC to multiple JMP 9600 2K players. A JMP 9600 2K unit can also be programmed to generate the reference LTC for a system of JMP 9600 2K units when a show control system has not supplied the signal.

Front Panel Control with Confidence Monitor

The front panel of the JMP 9600 provides control over video playback, playlist management, setup and configuration. Transport control buttons and a rotary knob support bi-directional, variable speed jog / shuttle management over playback. A color LCD on the front panel presents the JMP 9600 control menu and can also serve as a confidence display during video playback. A special "blend" feature allows an operator to superimpose the control menu on top of the video confidence background.

Web Browser Control

The same video playback, playlist management, setup and configuration controls available from the front panel of the JMP 9600 are also accessible from a web browser interface.

JPEG 2000 HD Encoder Software

Create video productions in Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or another favorite editing tool and encode them with Extron's J2KENC software, included with every Extron JMP 9600 player. J2KENC software prepares JPEG 2000 HD or 2K video and constructs visually lossless MXF-wrapped Digital Cinema Package DCP files. DCP files contain video, audio, and associated data encoded to comply with the Digital Cinema Initiatives DCI requirements for unencrypted content. J2KENC software supports use of TIF, BMP, TGA, PNG, or DPX sequential frames and two channels of audio. J2KENC PRO software supports 16-channel audio encoding, as well as multi-thread, 32-bit, multi-core processing, and server farm support to optimize encoding speed.

Content Storage Options

Standard JMP 9600 models feature 1 TB of hard disk storage capacity. JMP 9600 models using 128 GB solid state storage are available on a build-to-order basis for environments where higher ambient temperatures or vibration may exist.

Multi-channel Audio

JMP 9600 units support up to 16 channels of uncompressed audio to support surround effects or applications requiring multiple language dialog tracks.


  • Large Screen and Special Venues
  • Theaters, presentation suites, and immersive displays
  • Museums, theme parks, or attractions
  • Arenas, live events, tours, or outdoor venues
  • 2D, 3D, and Stereoscopic Playback
  • HD, 2K, and 4K Resolution Playback
  • Wide-format, multi-projector display systems

Please note: 4K and multiple output playback systems requiring more than two outputs require two or more linked JMP 9600 2K units