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DSH-M DVI Real EDID 1 Channel Fibre Optic Extender - Pigtail



  • DSH, Optical DVI pigtail module extender with HDCP support, is designed to let digital flat panel display extend over 300meters (1,000feet) away from host based on DVI standard by optical transmission technology. It can transmit EDID data and HDCP over fiber in real time. DSH can be used with DVI device as well as HDMI standard device such as Blu-ray player, PS-3 as well as DVI devices.


    1. High speed and long distance transmission by 1 channel SC type multi-mode optic fiber
    2. Supports resolution up to HDTV / 1080p, PC / WUXGA (1920x1200)
    3. TMDS video signal and EDID data is transmitted over optical fiber
    4. HDCP Compliant
    5. Pigtail design for easy and reliable installation
    6. EMC & Safety : CE, FCC
  • Package

    1. Transmitter, Receiver
    2. 1 Power Adapter (for receiver)
    3. User’s manual

    Ordering Information

    DSH-M : Transmitter, Receiver and power adapter

    DSH-AXXX : Transmitter, Receiver and power adapter + Multi-mode 1ch(SC connector) optic fiber XXX meters. Contact our Sales Team for Details

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