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ST Dust Cap for MIL & Ruggedized COTS Connectors, Nickel Plated Brass w/Lanyard



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Product Datasheet

L-com's Commercial off the Shelf line of ST connectors and couplers are designed to be a more economical counterpart to the MIL-C-M83522 line of ST products. They feature non-optical disconnect with nickel-plated brass or stainless steel configurations that are available either as a ST connector or coupler. These highly durable connectors are built to withstand extreme temperature change, shock, vibration and corrosion. They are ideal for harsh environments and industrial process applications. The connectors are available in either a locking or non-locking variation and use a convenient screw boot that eliminates the need for a cumbersome boot tool. The locking model features locking washers that prevent accidental optical disconnects, making the connector less sensitive to cable pull force or constant mechanical shock and vibration. The non-locking model features a higher force spring that reduces sensitivity to mechanical shock. Both models feature a keyed bayonet latch for easy engagement and disengagement. The zirconia ferrule is backwards compatible with legacy transceivers and ensures loss repeatability. Ruggedized dust caps are available for both the ST connectors and couplers.


  • Used to protect Fiber couplers and adapters from contaminates such as dust and dirt
  • Rugged nickel plated brass construction ensures durability
  • Excellent complement to Military ST Assemblies
  • These ruggedized dust caps are designed to complement L-com's FOC-RST line of ruggedized and FOC-M83522 line of MIL ST connectors
  • Lanyard included


  • Harsh Environment
  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial Process