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GTV-COMPSVID-2-HDMIS Composite to HDMI Scaler



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Product Datasheet

Transform Composite or S-Video into crisp, scaled HDMI video.

The GefenTV Composite to HDMI Scaler takes either Composite or S-Video as input and converts it to digital HDMI video, scaling it up to a maximum output of 1080p resolution (or 1920x1200 when used with a computer monitor).

How It Works

Simply plug in your Composite or S-Video video source to its input jack on the rear of the Scaler. The Scaler will automatically detect the video frequency and resolution of the source signal, then convert that picture to a digital HDMI video signal. You will then choose the best output resolution and viewing format of the picture on your HDTV using the buttons on the front of the Scaler.Note: This device is not HDCP Compliant.