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Component Video Pattern Signal Generator Monitor Repair Displays Cable



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Product Datasheet

The Component Video Pattern Generator is a battery powered, portable, compact unit that generates video test patterns for evaluating HDTV YPbPr Component video displays. Featuring 36 static and dynamic video test patterns, and 10 timings up to 1080p, the unit will quickly determine color performance and linearity. Easy to use five-button control of the on-screen menu through a 16x2 LCD screen. Includes a built-in rechargeable battery, power adapter, and a 1.2m YPbPr Component video cable.

  • Front panel control buttons through a 16x2 LCD.
  • Portable, with rechargeable battery.
  • Auto power-off when in battery mode.
  • Provides a total of 36 video test patterns and 10 timings, including color bar, gray, grid, block.
  • Supports maximum 148.5 MHz pixel frequency.
  • Supports Bi-Level (EIA) and Tri-Level (STMPTE) sync.