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NTI Introduces 4K 18Gbps HDMI Multiviewer with Built-In USB KVM Switch

by Stuart Berry April 19, 2022

4K 18Gbps Multiviewer

The SPLITMUX® 4K 18Gbps HDMI Quad Screen Splitter/Multiviewer with Built-In USB KVM Switch is the latest Multiviewers from NTI. The multiviewer allows video from four different HDMI 2.0 Ultra-HD 4Kx2K 60Hz computers to be simultaneously displayed in real-time on a single monitor.

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Extron Virtual Control - AV Control for up to 50 Rooms from a Single Unit

by Stuart Berry April 07, 2022

VCA100 Extron

The VCA 100 Virtual Control Appliance with integrated virtual control processors (called VCPs). This new virtual control system enables organizations to easily deploy, scale, and manage their AV systems by providing the flexible system that can host AV control resources in a central location.

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Introducing Mueller Electric - for test leads, test accessories and specialised cables

by Stuart Berry March 29, 2022

Mueller Electric

ITM Components are proud to welcome world-renowned manufacturer Mueller Electric as one of our new suppliers of test leads and specialised cables.

For over 95 years, Mueller has been the world's only manufacturer of a complete line of electrical test clips and insulator boots.

As a supplier to leading electronic test and measurement equipment manufacturers, Mueller's test leads are designed for compatibility with electronic test tools and electrical testers produced by the leading meter manufacturers, including Tektronix, Agilent and Fluke.

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VPI introduces their new 8K HDMI 2.1 Cables

by Stuart Berry March 10, 2022

8K HDMI Cables

VPI's new 8K HDMI 2.1 Cables are able to locate an 8K 48Gbps 4320p 60Hz HDMI display up to 10 feet from an Ultra High Speed HDMI video source. The cables support plug-and-play.

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The FireNEX™-uLINK-10G breaks the Cable Length Barrier

by Stuart Berry February 24, 2022

USB-C Multi-function Active Repeater Cable

Typically, the maximum length of a full feature USB-C cable is only 1 meter (3.3 ft.).

To break through this cable length barrier, Newnex has developed the FireNEX™-uLINK-10G, USB C to C Multi-function Active Repeater Cable which means that users are able to transmit USB 3.2 10Gbps, DisplayPort™ 1.4, and Bus Powered 30W PD simultaneously in one single connector far beyond a standard passive cable.

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ARCH Electronics - Our new supplier for Power & Converter Products

by Stuart Berry February 21, 2022

ARCH Electronics

ITM Components are very happy to introduce our latest electronics supplier: Arch Electronics Corp. Established in 1986, Arch is an ISO-9001 approved manufacturer that specialises in AC-DC switching power supplies, Medical and AC-DC power modules and DC-DC converters.

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NTI's New Ultra-HD Day/Night Outdoor Bullet IP Camera with POE

by Stuart Berry January 26, 2022

IP Camera with POE

NTI's Ultra-HD Wired Day/Night Outdoor Bullet IP Camera with Power over Ethernet (POE) sends video coverage using the ENVIROMUX® Environment Monitoring System web interface, camera web interface, included software, or with a compatible cell phone.

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New Flex55 100 Mounting Kit Series from Extron

by Stuart Berry December 08, 2021

New Flex55 100 Mounting Kit Series

The new Extron Flex55 100 Mounting Kit Series accommodates Extron Flex55™ and EU modules and one full-size or two half-size Flex55 or EU module per opening.

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CAT8 Bulk Cable, CAT8 Toolless Keystone Jack, and CAT8 Toolless RJ45 Field Termination Plug now available

by Stuart Berry December 03, 2021

Cat8 Bulk Cable, Keystone Jack

The CAT8-BULK-BLUE CAT8 Shielded Solid Bulk Cable is able to reach up to 40Gbps transfer speed and up to 2GHz bandwidth. The CAT8 cord is composed of four individually shielded pairs of 23 gauge solid bare copper conductors with an overall foil shield.

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The 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub - for PC or MAC

by Stuart Berry December 01, 2021

VPI 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for PC or MAC

Connect up to four USB 3.0 SuperSpeed peripheral devices to a computer.

The 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub connects up to four USB 3.0 self-powered and/or bus-powered SuperSpeed peripheral devices.

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VPI Introduces their Low-Cost 5-Port 4K HDMI Switch

by Stuart Berry November 29, 2021

Low Cost 5-Port 4K HDMI Switch

The Low-Cost 4K HDMI Switch is the latest example of NTI ingenuity within their HDMI switch range. The low-budget switch routes digital video and audio signals from five 4K HDMI sources to one 4K HDMI display.

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Programmable LED Sensor Display for Enterprise Environment Monitoring Systems

by Stuart Berry November 25, 2021

NTI LED Sensor Display

NTI has now added the ENVIROMUX® Programmable LED Sensor Display to its popular and practical line of enterprise environment monitoring system accessories.

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