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Mirror Windows 10 Devices via Miracast with ShareLink Pro

by Stuart Berry July 16, 2021

The WFA 100 is a Wi-Fi Miracast™ adapter that enables anyone to share content from a Windows 10 device to a ShareLink® Pro 1100 or ShareLink Pro 500 without installing any software. It connects to the USB port on a ShareLink Pro, making it discoverable to Windows 10 users.

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L-com introduces 18 New Passive Fiber Optic Splitters/Combiners

by Stuart Berry July 14, 2021

A new series of passive optical splitters/combiners have been introduced by L-com Global Connectivity. They are designed to work in various Passive Optical Network (PON), GigabitPassive Optical Network (GPON) applications.

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Differences between Multimode and Singlemode, Duplex vs Simplex

by Stuart Berry July 09, 2021

Multimode Fibre Optic Cables

Multimode fiber optic cable has a large-diameter core that is much larger than the wavelength of light transmitted, and therefore has multiple pathways of light-several wavelengths of light are used in the fiber core.

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Emulate a Displayport Display with NTI's new Hotplug Maintainer

by Stuart Berry July 08, 2021

Displayport Hotplug Maintainer

NTI's new DisplayPort Hotplug Maintainer emulates a DisplayPort display (sink device) by maintaining a hotplug signal between a video source and sink/display. The patent-pending device resolves screen resetting issues when using a DP switch.

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The New Range of 8K DisplayPort Fiber Extenders from NTI

by Stuart Berry July 06, 2021

8K Displayport 1.4 Fibre Extenders

NTI has introduced two new 8K DisplayPort Fiber Extenders to its popular line of Video Extenders Over Fiber. The DisplayPort Fiber Extenders extend an Ultra-HD 8K 4320p 30Hz DisplayPort display long distances via fibre.

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The various uses of Antibacterial/Antimicrobial Cables

by Stuart Berry July 02, 2021

There are strict codes in virtually every country for maintaining a clean environment that is optimally free of bacteria and other dangerous microbes where rigorous testing is used to ensure a high standard of cleanliness.

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New HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort Active Optical Cables up to 100 Meters

by Stuart Berry June 30, 2021

L-com’s new AOC cables include HDMI 2.0 assemblies, DisplayPort 1.4 cable assemblies and DVI video cable assemblies.

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New Extron IPCP Pro 550 xi Control Processors

by Stuart Berry June 23, 2021

IPCP Pro 550 Control Processor

The Extron IPCP Pro 550 xi is a versatile, high-performance control processor designed for centralized AV control in larger applications. It features enhanced performance with greater processing power and twice the memory of our IP Link Pro series.

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L-com Launches New USB 3.0 ECF-Style Panel Mount Couplers

by Stuart Berry May 24, 2021


L-com has launched a new series of USB 3.0, ECF-style, panel mount couplers for use with data acquisition, test and measurement, and PC peripheral interconnect applications.

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L-com Introduces New Antennas to Address Wi-Fi 6/6e, MIMO and CBRS Applications

by Stuart Berry May 21, 2021

New L-com Antennas

L-com have just launched a new series of directional flat panel and omnidirectional antennas to address a wide range of wireless connectivity applications.

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NTI introduces High-Definition Wireless/Wired Day/Night Pan/Tilt IP Camera

by Stuart Berry May 10, 2021

IP Camera

View video from the camera from the ENVIROMUX Environment Monitoring System web interface, camera web interface, included software, or with a compatible cell phone.The E-IPCAM-WHNPT-V4 has built-in motion detection.

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The new SPLITMUX® HDM Video Wall Processor Digital Signage Solution

by Stuart Berry March 18, 2021

2x2 HDMI 4K Video Wall Processor

The new SPLITMUX® from NTI displays video from one 4Kx2K UHD HDMI video source across four 1080p HDMI monitors. This processor is perfect for cascading processors to create large video walls. In fact, you can cascade up to six levels to create video walls up to 64x64 or 1x4096.

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