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Pro AV & Signal Distribution

Extron Distribution Amplifiers, or DAs, are used to divide a single video source or audio source and duplicate it into two or more identical copies of the original signal. DAs can be designed to support digital, analog, or a combination of digital and analog signal types. Distribution amplifiers are ideal for use in a wide range of professional AV environments, including classrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, museum exhibits, and corporate meeting spaces.
We supply a range of Video Wall and Multiviewer products from Smart AVI, NTI, Extron, Gefen, Hetec and ATEN. Multi-window processors allow users to display multiple video signals simultaneously on a single screen. Each window can be independently scaled, positioned, or overlapped. The Extron Quantum® Connect Series features eight inputs, flexible windowing capabilities, and high performance image downscaling and upscaling for two or four displays.
Matrix switchers route multiple audio/video sources to multiple audio/video destinations. These matrix switchers accept AV signals from a range of input sources - computers, cameras, etc. - and route the output to different destinations, such as projectors, flat panel displays, and video conference codecs. Switchers enable multiple signals to be selected and sent to one or two displays. Manufacturers include Extron, Smart AVI, NTI, Gefen and ATEN.
To achieve the highest image quality, digital displays should be driven at native resolution. Scalers achieve this by their ability to accept a wide range of input signal formats and then generating video output to match displays of various native resolutions. Signal processors alter and manipulate a signal in several ways. These can involve converting composite video to S-video, amplifying or peaking a signal, or completely reformatting a signal. Manufacturers include Extron, Gefen and VPI.
Video Splitters display the same image over multiple displays at the same time. Splitters use built-in amplifiers to ensure the video signal is strong and there is no degradation. Users can cascade multiple video Splitters to display the same image over an unlimited number of screens. Applications include advertising, digital signage, high definition broadcasting, restaurants and civic centres. In conjunction with video extenders, end users can apply video Splitters from SmartAVI to create the ideal audio and video solution for their needs. Manufacturers include ATEN, Smart AVI, VPI and Gefen.
Extenders enable long distance signal transmission between one source and one destination. They are similar to distribution amplifiers in many respects, but where DAs have multiple outputs, extenders and line drivers have only one. Digital signals lose their integrity over long distances, and analog video signals normally lose amplitude and high frequency response over long cable runs. Extenders and line drivers help preserve signal quality by manipulating these signals using a variety of methods. Manufacturers include Extron, ATEN, Gefen, NTI and Ophit.
Display valuable marketing information to an audience through a digital signage system. Digital signage players by SmartAVI have the ability to display a variety of media formats to communicate targeted messages to a viewer. A player can be located anywhere in the world while supporting high resolution of up to 1080p. SmartAVI digital signage players create amazing presentations without advanced training. Professional level Smart AVI offer advanced controllers that give compatibility with any of your file formats, up to 4K Ultra HD resolutions, and optional live capture video.
TouchLink® processors are touchpanel control systems with the power to handle the control needs of single display rooms to video conference suites. MediaLink® are easy-to-install products that work together to connect, control, and switch AV presentation equipment in small, one-projector environments. IP Link® Pro control processors are designed to work together with TouchLink® Pro touchpanels for AV system and room control, enabling almost any AV device to be controlled and monitored from a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, or the Internet.

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