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New USB 3.1 Extender Cable - Daisy-chainable up to 50 metres

by Stuart Berry October 17, 2017

UE3310 from ATEN

The ATEN UE3310 USB3.1 Gen1 Extender Cable allows you to extend the distance between the computer and USB devices up to 10 metres, and up to 50 metres if daisy chaining! The UE3310 provides a reliable, high performance data transmission that utilizes USB 3.1 Gen1 data bandwidth up to 5Gb/s and also backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 standard. It’s completely plug and play with no additional software installation required. It couldn't be easier!

It's modern ultra slim design and unique locker head design means it would look great in any environment. It supports both Windows and Mac, and includes an additional power adapter.

The UE3310 is such a quick and high quality cost effective solution for all kinds of professional environments. It is ideally suited for hospitals, factories, or business facilities.

UE3310 from ATEN

See also available: 15M USB3.1 Gen1 Extender Cable

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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