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Sophisticated digital signage management made simple

by Stuart Berry June 14, 2016

SaviSign Manager is SmartAVI's new easy-to-use digital signage software management solution. Users can create impressive and exciting signage with an easy to use interface in just a few clicks.

Simply create, consign, and control your ideal digital message boards from the convenience of an IP-connected PC workstation; SaviSign Manager keeps things simple for even the most complicated signage, up close and at a distance!

From designing templates to assigning user access to hardware, SaviSign Manager offers all-in-one command of any connected signage environment. Design templates and create media-rich playlists that grab your customer's attention without hassle. Distribute signage via direct USB transfers or through the web for effective results. With excellent drag-and-drop operation and easy to navigate menus, SaviSign is as flexible as it is straightforward.

The SaviSign Manager is the perfect fit for restaurants, schools, medical offices, and businesses of any variety.


  • A wide selection of customizable pre-made templates
  • Drag-and-drop design interface
  • Straightforward menu design
  • Custom user preferences and access control
  • Web-based remote control for signage hardware
  • Easy-to-use and learn
  • Integrate signage with video, pictures, audio, live feeds, and more!
  • Simple scheduling for dynamic, well-timed displays

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Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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