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Price vs Value a battle as old as time...

by Simon Leach October 14, 2015

As engineers and/or consultants we have all been there, the client has asked for our advice and we recommended product X be installed in a project, only for the purchasing department to buy the "economy brand" product Y because it saves a few pounds.

Now on the surface this may seem like a good idea. The buyer gets congratulated for saving the company a few pounds, and the product gets delivered. What could possibly go wrong?...

However, as engineers and/or consultants we selected product X for a reason. We know the product. We know that it will be a quick and easy install. We know it will work first time. And finally, we know it is good quality product that will last.

So, we get to site for the install and find the "economy brand" product Y waiting for us. What should have been a quick and easy install, takes longer, and we have to go back after 6 months because it is playing up! All this extra time cost way more than the few pounds saved by purchasing "economy brand" product Y.

This doesn't just apply to the AV world. This is the reason why brands like "Snap-on" do so well in the tool market. Snap-on tools cost way more than an unknown Chinese manufacturer. However, like AV products they are an investment that will serve you for years to come.

At ITM Components, we don't sell "Cheap"! We believe that good quality products are better value in the long term. We will strive to get you the best value, by getting you the best prices on our range of high quality products and brands 

Tell us your stories of "money saving" gone bad. We have all been there and we would love to hear them.

Simon Leach
Simon Leach


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