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Microsoft Kinect installations

by Simon Leach October 14, 2015


Now that the Microsoft Kinect v2 can be used with devices other than the XBOX, it seems to be finding its way into all kinds of solutions and installations, from Digital signage and Video Art installations, to industrial solution, and  museum exhibitions / games.

In short, where ever you want people to interact with your solution the Microsoft Kinect v2 offers the solution.

However, the Microsoft Kinect v2 has an Achillies heel. As a USB 3 Device the cable length is limited to 3m.

There are many companies out there that offer USB 3.0 extension and Active repeater/booster cables. However if you ask them if there solution is fully compatible with the Microsoft Kinect v2, the answer will be either "NO" or "I Don't Know". 

As the sole official UK distributor for Newnex, ITM COMPONENTS have the solution. Newnex were the first to market with a working USB 3.0 extender over fiber. Newnex have built on this success, with the FireNEX-uLINK™ 12m.

Bus Powered and USB 2.0 backwards compatible, the FireNEX-uLINK™ 12m is guaranteed to extends Microsoft Kinect v2 to 12m, and when combined with 3 x additional FireNEX-ULK-12, 2 x FireNEX-uLINK-D and 1 x FireNEX-uHUB, a Microsoft Kinect v2 is able to reach 48 meters with solid performance at 30 FPS!

So if you are installing a Microsoft Kinect v2 solution, and need to place the Windows machine more than 3 meters away,we have the solution, and will be happy to help you.


Simon Leach
Simon Leach


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