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L-com Develops Panel Mount USB3 Vision Cables

by Simon Leach October 16, 2015

L-com Global Connectivity, a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, have announced that it has developed a new line of panel mount USB3 Vision cable assemblies to address machine vision applications.

The new UPMVISAA30 series cables feature a unique molded connector end with four mounting holes. The top and bottom holes are used for panel or enclosure mounting, and the left and right holes are used to provide a mating interface to the thumbscrews used with industry standard USB3 Vision cables. The standard male connector at the opposite the other end of the assembly features thumbscrews that offer a secure connection to machine vision compatible devices, or can mate to standard ports that don’t accept thumbscrews.

“Our unique panel mount USB3 vision cables were developed to meet our customers’ requests for an easy panel mount cable solution. This new design will also suit many of our OEM customers who manufacture machine vision inspection equipment or just need a secure USB 3.0 cable solution,” said Steve Smith, Product Manager.

In addition to machine vision applications, these new cable assemblies can be used in data transfer and acquisition applications.

Datasheets, 2D CAD drawings and 3D models for L-com’s panel mount USB3 Vision cables are available on the L-com website.

Simon Leach
Simon Leach


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