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Fibre Cable Connectors and Colours, Part Two

by Stuart Berry February 07, 2017

In addition to the range of cable jacket colours, you can choose from an extensive variety of Fiber Optic connector types in our range.

The most common connector types you’ll see are: LC, SC, MPO and ST style connectors.

All of these types of connectors can be used with either Multimode of Single-mode fiber.

There are three types of polishes which can be applied to a fiber connector: PC or Physical contact, UPC or Ultra Physical contact and APC or Angled Physical contact.

Each polish type exhibits a different level of back reflection. Back reflection is a measure of the light reflected off the end of a fiber connector. This light is measured in decibels. For certain applications, the amount of back reflection on a fiber connector is critical.

L-com’s fiber connectors include commercial grade field installable fiber optic connectors as well as rugged IP67 fiber connectors for use in harsh environment applications.

Check out our Fibre Optic Connector Chart - this can help you find the fibre connector you’re looking for:

Connector Description Male Female
Fiber FC fibre fc male fc fibre female
Fiber LC fibre lc male lc fibre female
Fiber MPO
(with alignment pins)
Fibre MPO with alignment pins male MPO Fibre with alignment pins female
Fiber MPO
(without alignment pins)
MPO no pins male MPO Female
Fiber MTRJ mtrj male mtrj female
Fiber MU mu male mu female
Fiber SC sc fibre male sc fibre female
Fiber ST st fibre male sm fibre female
SMA906 sma906 male sma906 female


In addition to standard commercial and industrial connectors, there are also Keyed LC Singlemode 9/125 assemblies which have a variety of coloured connectors.

L-com's Keyed LC line of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies offers mechanical network security for organizations desiring to segregate networks due to privacy or security concerns. Each Keyed LC connector is color coded for identification and features a mechanical key which prevents users from accidentally connecting the cable to the wrong jack.

There are a total of 12 colours available including: Brown, Cobalt, Gray, Magenta, Olive, Orange, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Violet, White and Yellow. These cables are OFNR rated to meet strict building codes and utilize Single mode 9/125 fiber. Match the color of the Keyed connector to the corresponding color of Keyed coupler to create a secure network connection.

We hope this helps your fibre connector search. If you need further advise, please contact our techsales team.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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