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FireNEX-5000H™ USB 3.0 Optical Repeater wins Award

by Stuart Berry December 07, 2016

Firenex 5000H Repeater


The FireNEX-5000H™ was recognized by the judges of the annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

FireNEX-5000H™ optical repeater is capable of extending USB 3.0 signal to 300 meters and with power delivery up to 100 meters. The repeater utilizes a specifically designed hybrid optical fiber to transfer media, taking full advantage of optical fiber's light weight, EMI free, and easy cable management with power delivery feature. FireNEX-5000H™ also features Plug & Play, USB3 Vision compliant locking, and auto-reconnect after power or signal disconnection in a compact aluminum case. FireNEX-5000H™ is highly accurate, durable and secure, making it ideal for machine vision applications

Alan Bergstein, publisher of Vision Systems Design said "This prestigious program allows Vision Systems Design to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Our 2016 Honorees are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact in the industry."

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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