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How to Connect Many Sensors to 1 Low-Cost Environment Monitoring System

by Stuart Berry December 19, 2016

ENVIROMUX-1W features 2 RJ11 6P4C connectors for daisy-chaining 1-wire temperature/humidity/dew point, thermocouple, and digital input expanders in any combination.

  • Up to 24 temperature, thermocouple, or any single reading 1-wire sensor can be connected between both RJ11 connectors.
  • Up to 8 temperature/humidity/dew point combination 1-wire sensors can be connected between both RJ11 connectors. Each temperature/humidity/dew point sensor is equivalent to 3 single reading sensors.
  • Up to 12 ENVIROMUX-DI2-1W digital input expanders can be connected between both RJ11 connectors to allow a maximum of 24 additional digital inputs. Each ENVIROMUX-DI2-1W is equivalent to 2 single reading sensors.
  • Maximum cable length supported on each connector is up to 600ft (183 m) depending on the configuration and number of connected sensors.
  • Use RJ11 splitters (RJ11-3JCK) to daisy-chain 1-wire sensors (sold separately).

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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CAT6 is completely backward-compatible with current CAT5e equipment.

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