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L-com Armoured Cables for use in outdoor, industrial and military apps

by Stuart Berry December 12, 2019

When your cables need to stay strong and durable in the toughest of conditions, an armoured jacket is likely to be the perfect solution for you. Armoured cables are cables with a metal or plastic covering layer that provides protection that is much stronger than any traditional type of cable jacket. This armour makes the cables extremely tough and durable. How tough, you may ask? Let's find out..

The rugged characteristics of armored cables make them ideal for outdoor, industrial and military applications where these features are vitally important. So, for example, they would be a perfect fit for factory automation, manufacturing and chemical and petroleum processing networks.

One of the best things about armoured cables is the exceptional crush resistance rating it has. L-com’s metal armored cables have a crush resistance of up to 1,500 PSI

This makes them perfectly suited for any military or industrial application you care to name. These cables also feature stainless steel armor that resists the corrosion often found in extreme conditions.

There is also plastic armour, which,although not as rugged as metal armor, offers an extra level of crush and abrasion resistance in comparison to non-armored cable jackets. L-com’s plastic armored cables feature a crush resistance of up 800PSI. This is still pretty impressive.

Armoured Cables from L-com

Yet,even with all this protection, these cables produce high speed transmission rates. They come in multiple varieties to suit a wide range of applications, including armored Ethernet, armored USB, armored HDMI, armored D-sub and armored DVI cable assemblies.

Armoured cables are tough enough to withstand the abuse that might be faced in harsh environments and rugged conditions. Watch the video and be amazed!

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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