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L-com introduces its new USB 3.0 Type-C Cable Assemblies

by Stuart Berry May 15, 2017

USB 3.0 Type-C Cable

L-com’s new USB 3.0 Type-C to Type-A cable assemblies are available in two designs: Type-C female to Type-A male and Type-C male to Type-A female. Boasting data transfer rates of 4.8 Gbps, these cable assemblies will satisfy most USB 3.0 requirements. They feature 360-degrees of shielding with an aluminum/polyester shield and a tinned copper braid shield.

These cable assemblies provide fully shielded, twisted pair data lines that provide protection against EMI/RFI, lessen the effect of crosstalk and are impressively flexible. Type-C connectors allow for simple plug-and-play connections with hand held devices and other USB 3.0 Type-C devices. Both cable series are available in a range of lengths:  0.3, 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 metre, and 3 foot.

“L-com’s USB 3.0 Type-C to Type-A cable assemblies feature double-shielding and robust cable jacketing to meet the highest manufacturing standards and exceed customer expectations of quality, durability and performance,” proclaims Brian Gates, Product Manager at L-com.

L-com's USB 3.0 Type-C cable assemblies even feature 30u gold-plated connectors for repeated mating cycles, and fully molded connectors for excellent strain relief. They are ideal for mobile devices, computer peripheral devices, gaming, diagnostic tools and medical, military and aerospace applications.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry