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L com Releases New Ruggedized IP68 LC Plugs & Receptacles

by Stuart Berry October 09, 2017

L-com have very recently launched a new series of LC fibre plugs, receptacles and jam nuts to address your high speed voice, video and data applications.

These new IP68 rated fibre products were designed to stand up to extreme environments while providing high throughput network connectivity.

The ruggedized IP68 fibre plugs and fibre receptacles offer 400 lbs. of pull strength and 450 lbs. of crush resistance as well as protection from moisture, liquid and dust.

Both plugs and receptacles are available in Multimode, Single mode and APC polish Single mode types.

In addition to the new LC plugs and in-line receptacles, L-com also offers IP68 rated flange mount, jam nut, D38999 and daisy chain style fibre receptacles that are perfect for mounting to an enclosure or panel.

These receptacles are now available in Multimode, Single mode and APC polish Single mode styles.

As with all L-Com products, this IP68-rated range is built to last!

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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