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NetPA® Ultra amplifiers - Now with Dante

by Stuart Berry July 31, 2020

Ten years ago, Extron was a pioneer in the use of Class D amplifiers in AV systems and applications. After a continual process of reinvention and the development of unique, patented Class D technologies, Extron has continued to successfully meet the particular requirements of AV workflows and installations.

With Extron's NetPA® Ultra amplifiers, you benefit from Extron's award winning XPA Ultra amplifiers in combination with immensely powerful Dante network audio distribution. Dante connectivity makes it supremely easy to distribute audio from a centralized location to decentralized remote amplifiers throughout a building or campus using standard network hardware. These ENERGY STAR qualified amplifiers also offer integrated DSP, allowing a single device to function as a complete audio system endpoint. On top of this, NetPA Ultra power amplifiers provide the ability to effortlessly scale.  Installation and wiring are also simplified, all while meeting the stringent quality requirements of professional audio installations.


Dante Connectivity

The NetPA Ultra models deliver Dante networked audio to local sound reinforcement systems. They enable decentralized and reliable distribution of Dante audio to multiple speaker zones throughout a facility or building, and are the ideal choice for audio amplification in Dante systems. Also supporting AES67 for Audio over IP Interoperability and Dante Domain Manager enterprise level network management, the NetPA Ultra power amplifiers can connect to a variety of other devices and network infrastructure.

Ultra Efficient

All XPA Ultra amplifiers operate at an industry-leading efficiency up to 77%. An efficient amplifier delivers the highest possible percentage of its input power to output power for speakers. Power not delivered is wasted as radiated heat, which causes further waste in higher cooling costs and energy requirements.


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Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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