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New Flex55 100 Mounting Kit Series from Extron

by Stuart Berry December 08, 2021

New Flex55 100 Mounting Kit Series

The new Extron Flex55 100 Mounting Kit Series accommodates Extron Flex55™ and EU modules and one full-size or two half-size Flex55 or EU module per opening. The Flex55 112 mounting kit is compatible with double-size one-piece design products such as the Flex55 AC+USB 130 US power module or a combination of up to two full-size or half-size Flex55 and/or EU modules.It is available in a one- to four-opening frame


Each kit is compatible with EU modules such as Extron DTP T EU 4K DTP transmitters and EBP eBUS EU button panels. The Flex55 112 is a double-size single-opening mounting kit compatible with products that include the Flex55 AC+USB 130 US power module. This model accepts up to four half-size modules or a mix of up to two full-size modules. Flex55 112 is directly mountable into walls or furniture when a Flex55 or EU junction box is not required. Flex55 100 Mounting Kits are available in a black and/or white finish.

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Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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