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Ruggedized USB 3.0 Cable Assemblies with Die-Cast Shells and Thumbscrews

by Stuart Berry April 17, 2020

Ruggedised usb 3.0

L-com’s new CAU3DCVIS-series cables were developed to stand up to the demands of connectivity applications such as industrial and factory automation, process engineering, machine vision, data acquisition and PLC communications.

These uniquely designed and hard to find cables feature specialized die-cast back shells with optional thumbscrews for securing the connectors to ensure connectivity is not disrupted in the event of pull or impact. The cables are available off-the-shelf with the following connector combinations: Type-A male to Micro-B male, Type-A male to Type-C male and Type-A male to Type-B male. These cables also include black PVC cable jackets, double shielding and 22AWG power conductors which provide maximum USB power transfer.

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Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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Low-Loss Coax Cables for Wireless Applications

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It may seem bizarre to say it, but a wireless network still needs cables. All the different parts of a wireless network, such as the access points, the amplifiers and antennas, all need cables to communicate with each another.

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2x1 4K HDR HDMI Auto Switcher - New from Kramer

by Stuart Berry October 15, 2020

2x1 Auto Switcher from Kramer

VS−211X is a high−performance 2x1 automatic switcher for 4K HDR, HDMI video signals. Offering priority and last−connected switching options, it automatically switches according to the selected switching scheme based on active video signal detection.

This is a standard hi–quality auto switcher for any AV distribution installation. Perfect for switching in huddle spaces, and standard meeting and training rooms.

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New CAT6 Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) cable from VPI

by Stuart Berry September 14, 2020


These left angle Category 6 patch cords are assembled with T568B four pair stranded cable, and are ideal for confined spaces. They consist of a foil shield with drain wire to protect signals from external noise, and a strain relief boot to reduce stress on the cable.

CAT6 is completely backward-compatible with current CAT5e equipment.

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