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Reviewing the Quantum Ultra Video Wall Processor - Security as a Top Priority

by Stuart Berry August 07, 2017

Extron Quantum Ultra


From Wannacry to Cloudbleed, computer security and information breaches have increasingly become a primary issue for corporate and public organisations, and the trend will no doubt continue.

Computer viruses pose serious threats to any PCs, or other devices, operating on an organisation's network. Due to the fact that many videowall processors are merely computers that run extended desktops, they are just as vulnerable to malicious hacks as PCs are, as long as adequate protections are not designed into the core of the processor.

In response to the pressing demand for 4K videowall solutions in mission-critical AV environments, Extron has introduced the Quantum Ultra 4K videowall processor. This mould-breaking processor features a modular architecture with an ultra-high speed video bus delivering real-time performance that is simply unattainable by other video wall processors.

In order to block infectious viruses, the solid-state drive containing Quantum Ultra’s embedded, effectively hidden, operating system is write-protected, so that permanent changes to the file system without administrator password verification can be prevented. Because of this, there is no possibility of viruses or unauthorized file changes being retained across a power cycle.

On top of this level of security, Extron provides signed firmware and an SSL encrypted connection between the configuration PC and Quantum Ultra, providing additional security against unauthorized visitors or any potential capturing of data. Usefully, Quantum Ultra does not require to be on a network of any kind in order to operate - direct connections can be used for configuration and system control to provide a totally secure video wall operation.

All of these features combine to make Quantum Ultra one of the most secure videowall processors available today. Security Managers can be confident of ensuring maximum uptime, 24/7, under any network environment.

Extron Quantum Ultra

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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