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The ATEN eFuture Classroom

by Stuart Berry February 15, 2017

This video takes you through a total solution to build up an interactive e-future classroom. All controlled by the ATEN Control System.

Why choose the ATEN Control System?

Ever want to give an existing environment a makeover, but afraid it might go beyond your budget or not sure how it'll turn out?

Rest assured, the ATEN Control System has just the solution to dispel your doubts – by making the process SIMPLE and ADAPTABLE. The solution facilitates a workspace by focusing on three major areas while providing many advantages:

Expandable Device Database

The ATEN Library is comprised of 10,000+ device drivers and the complete line of ATEN VanCryst product drivers built into the system, making hardware installations as easy as plug-n-play. This extensive library can also grow by adding new devices to the existing database. Expandable and manageable, the ATEN Library is beneficial and efficient in any installation regardless of scope or size.

Simplified Setup

Once all the hardware is connected to the VK2100, the ATEN Configurator software will have your installation ready to control in only 4 steps: Create Project > Select Devices > Configure Viewer > Upload Profile. Using the ATEN Control System App’s GUI, that is designed by you, control over every room can be customized using simple, pre-defined commands and macros, eliminating the need for intricate coding.

Control Mobility

System control can start with one room and scale into multiple rooms – in the same area or across regions. Toggling between profiles on a tablet computer or mobile device facilitates control of different rooms with simple point-n-tap operations. In addition, multiple tablet computers and mobile devices can be authorized with access to control one room or multiple rooms, depending on your software license. This framework is beneficial as system control can respond promptly in any room, with mobility and enhanced security.

For more on the ATEN Control System, please see the video below. If you need more information about the system, contact our techsales team.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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