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Waterproof Angled IP67 Rated CAT5e RJ45 Connectors

by Stuart Berry January 29, 2019


VPI's Waterproof Angled CAT5e RJ45 Connectors are designed for use in harsh industrial or outdoor environments. They provide IP67-rated water and dust protection.

The angled connector and compact cable gland are ideal for applications where space is tight.

The CAT5e Waterproof RJ45 Up Angle Coupler is a female case side panel mount pass-thru coupler to angled jack for use with a standard Ethernet patch cord. The circular threaded coupling mounts case side.

The CAT5e Waterproof Cable Gland simply slides on to each end of a standard Ethernet patch cord that needs waterproof protection. Next, terminate the cable using a desired CAT5e RJ45 plug. The compact cable gland is ideal for applications with confined spaces.

The CAT5e RJ45 Cap with Tether incorporates a sealed connection directly into equipment when the jack is not in use.

The Cable Gland twists on to the Coupler, protecting attached Ethernet cables. The Cap with Tether attaches to the Coupler with the tether and protects the Coupler when it is not in use.

Use the Waterproof Angled CAT5e RJ45 Connectors together for a complete waterproof connection.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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