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How Slimline Adapters Are Used - L-Com Video

Video supplied by: L-Com Support


L-com explains how Slimline Adapters are used - Slimline adapters are used in a variety of applications and because of their low profile design, they reduce leverage strain on overstressed interface or computer ports. They are fully shielded for electrically noisy environments and are universally designed for serial or parallel applications.

Gender changers

Dual-purpose slimline gender changers allow mismatched D-Subminiature connectors to mate and are also panel mountable to pass cables through a bulkhead. You may also want to view our helpful video tip on hardware requirements when panel mounting adapters.

Gender changers are available in all standard D-Subminiature connector sizes with male to male or female to female genders.

Socket Savers

Slimline socket savers extend the life of frequently mated D-Subminature connectors used on expensive cables and ports.

Socket savers are available in all standard D-Subminature connector sizes with male to female genders.

Null Modem and Reversers

Convert your existing straight wired cables to null modem or reverser (transmit & receive) cables with these handy, inexpensive slimline adapters. Simply plug these adapters onto the end of a cable and you're done!

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