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Advanced Fiber Solutions Single Mode Fiber Optic Test Kit



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Product Datasheet

The AF-OLK51N-MM multimode or AF-OLK51N-SM single mode fiber optic test kits feature a fiber optic power meter and a light source to quickly and economically test either multimode or single mode fiber cabling. The power meter supports 850 /1300 /1310 /1490 /1550 /1625nm light sources and features snap on ST, FC and SC connections. The single mode laser source features the same snap on 3 connector interface as the power meter, while the multimode light source uses an ST connector. The multimode LED source provides 850/1300nm signal and the single mode Laser source provides 1310/1550nm signal. The InGaAs detector in the power meter offers a broad dynamic range of ~60dB which far exceeds the requirements for most applications. Includes a convenient carrying case.