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4.9 GHz Homeland Security: Wireless Networking

In 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocated 50 MHz of spectrum from 4940 to 4990 MHz (WLAN channels 20–26) for use by public safety entities in the United States. Within this spectrum space, there are two non-overlapping channels allocated (most commonly, channels 22 and 26), both with a width of 20 MHz.

Although the FCC has not specifically allocated radio spectrum to utilities, it does permit utilities to share the licensed 4.9 GHz public safety band.

Because this band has such limited use, it can be difficult to find a full range of connectivity products designed and built to support high-performance and highly reliable network applications for use in the 4.9 GHz band.

L-com’s broad offering of 4.9 GHz connectivity products helps overcome these limitations, enabling our customers to build and operate high performance 4.9 GHz networks.


Homeland Security and Public Safety

Homeland security and public safety are both dependent upon highly reliable, highly secure network applications such as video surveillance and atmospheric monitoring.

L-com’s wide selection of 4.9 GHz connectivity products are weather-proofed, ruggedized, and designed with high-reliability features such as current-sensing circuits, which provide remote amplifier diagnostic LEDs to aid in monitoring and troubleshooting.


4.9 GHz Antennas

4.9 GHz WLAN Amplifiers

4.9 GHz Bandpass Filters