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Cable Assemblies: Audio/Video

Since 1982, L-com has been a leading manufacturer of high quality audio/video cable assemblies, designed for PC display, projectors, CCTV, HDTV, industrial HMI and many more applications. From 75 Ohm coaxial video cables to the latest digital A/V DisplayPort cables, we provide one of the most extensive off-the-shelf selections of multimedia cables available today.

L-com is an active member of both VESA and HDMI Licensing LLC, industry partnerships that ensure that our audio/video cables comply with the latest standards and the required high performance testing procedures. Our commitment to high quality components, manufacturing processes and rigorous testing allows our cables to deliver predictable performance every time.

In addition to over 1,000 off-the-shelf A/V cable assemblies, L-com can also custom manufacture A/V cables to your exact specifications.


IT Infrastructure

A/V cabling used for business applications must be capable of delivering consistent, clear signals with high and predictable reliability. As virtually every task in a modern business relies upon the use of computers or some form of display (projectors, HDTV, etc.) for meetings and conferences, quality multimedia cabling is without question one of an IT manager’s most critical assets.

L-com’s experienced A/V cable assembly and test teams, both in the U.S. and abroad, provide the most durable, high performance A/V cables available today.


Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often require highly customized cable designs, delivered with fast turnaround and very flexible production processes. Our wide range of off-the-shelf A/V cable assemblies accommodates OEM needs in most cases. For applications that require greater customization, however, L-com can provide OEM’s assemblies with extensive varieties of custom lengths, colors, gauges, molds and more.

L-com has built and fostered OEM relationships for many years, helping them develop products and solutions that incorporate quick turn, customized A/V cabling systems. Our engineering teams around the world offer extensive experience in developing unique multimedia connectivity solutions for the needs of OEMs and their customers.

L-com’s manufacturing processes comply fully with ISO 9001:2008 standards for efficient production and stringent quality control.


Audio/Video Cable Assemblies

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