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Cable Assemblies: Coaxial

By isolating transmission signals between inner and outer conductors, coaxial is unique among cable types. The channel insulation of coaxial virtually eliminates signal degradation caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI), making it an ideal choice for installations near power sources and metallic objects. For this reason, coaxial cable has been a mainstay for decades in cable TV transmission, test and measurement applications, wireless RF connectivity and many other signal technologies that demand strong and reliable shielding and conductivity.

Not all coaxial cables, however, are created equal. For optimal performance, the connectors used with coaxial cables must be fabricated from highly conductive metals, such as silver or gold. Some manufacturers, unfortunately, cut corners on the quantity and quality of these materials, resulting in underperforming and unreliable cable assemblies.

As a leading manufacturer of coaxial cable assemblies for over 30 years, L-com’s commitment to quality materials, testing methods and manufacturing processes are unsurpassed in today’s cable industry. Customers around the world today depend on L-com to deliver high quality coaxial cables that perform without fail over exceptionally long life spans.


Wireless Systems

Wireless signal transmission systems absolutely demand reliable, high performance coaxial cable assemblies in a wide range of applications. Internal component and equipment wiring, base station and antenna leads, communication tower feeder runs to in-building wireless systems: wherever signal is sent, quality coaxial cable can often mean the difference between strong or poor wireless broadcast performance.

In order to meet the demanding transmission requirements of today’s wireless RF applications, “low loss” coaxial cable must provide superior shielding that exceeds the standards of the common radio guide (RG) style coax cable used for 75 Ohm video and 50 Ohm data applications.

Manufactured to meet these stringent specifications, L-com’s low loss coaxial cable assemblies employ only the highest quality low loss bulk cable and connectors, fabricated to ensure always-on connectivity for wireless systems of any size. We offer a wide range of cable solutions for applications including Wi-Fi, Cellular, DAS, SCADA, GPS, RFID and more.

Video Surveillance/CCTV

Many video surveillance systems, legacy and modern, utilize 75 Ohm coaxial cable assemblies to interconnect cameras, video recorders and monitoring systems. Designed to help deter theft and destruction of property, these systems can cost a company up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire, implement and operate. Applications for these high end CCTV systems include nuclear power plants, military bases and oil and gas refineries – any facility trusted with critical assets that must be guarded and protected.

For many of these facilities, L-com’s 75 Ohm coaxial cable assemblies provide the critical signal infrastructure connecting their most important video surveillance systems. Businesses and governments depend on our high quality coaxial cables to ensure the availability, accuracy and clarity required in their asset validation and safeguarding programs.


From video game systems to professional video equipment, L-com has provided both custom and off-the-shelf coaxial cable solutions to just about every type of OEM industry in operation today. Our engineering experience, manufacturing capabilities and commitment to the highest quality standards have cemented L-com’s reputation as the first choice for many OEMs around the globe.

L-com’s ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facilities in the US and China utilize state of the art assembly and test equipment, and are capable of the small to large production runs often necessary to meet the short prototype and production deadlines that OEMs demand.


L-com’s suite of audio grade coaxial cabling includes RCA, 3.5mm, 4 circuit tip, ring, ring and sleeve (TRRS) cables, ¼” TS audio cables for guitar and other musical equipment connectivity, as well as XLR audio cables designed for microphone use.

We use only the highest quality connectors and bulk cable in order to build our coaxial audio cable assemblies, and each cable is carefully tested before being accepted into our inventory. By using high quality components, as well as proven assembly and test processes, our audio coaxial cables ensure that A/V installers, integrators and production professionals enjoy quality, dependable and durable performance every time.


Coaxial cable assemblies used in aerospace and military communication systems require nothing but the best available reliability and performance against the harshest, most demanding environments. RF coaxial cables are commonly used to interconnect critical military systems such as radio sets, control and warning sensors, aircraft communications and weapon control systems.

As a leader in the design and manufacture of military and aerospace-grade coaxial cable assemblies, L-com has earned a reputation for our high quality coaxial interconnect products, wide selection of cable options and reliability standards for use in the unforgiving environments often encountered in military and aerospace scenarios.


Coaxial Cable Assemblies