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Cable Assemblies: Fibre Optic

Fiber optic connectivity has ushered in a new world of high speed voice, video and data communications synergies never seen before. A single fiber strand – no thicker than a human hair – can reliably facilitate millions of telephone calls, data and video streams at blazingly fast, terabit-per-second speeds.

Since initially introduced in the early 1980s, fiber optic technology has evolved in new configurations and with advanced features intended to support even more voice, video and data traffic. Some of the advantages of fiber optic cable include:

L-com manufactures a full line of fiber optic cable assemblies, including OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, Single mode, bend insensitive and specialized IP67 waterproof fiber cables for use in industrial networks. In addition, we can design and build custom fiber optic cable assemblies to your exact specifications, as well as drop ship the finished cables directly to your job site.


IT Infrastructure/Datacenters

The bandwidth demands on modern data centers today are staggering. As gigabit to the desktop becomes commonplace in most medium to large size businesses, corporate infrastructures increasingly collapse companywide desktop connections into an immediate distribution frame (IDF) to be managed centrally in a data center. These centralized facilities today are required to manage all voice, video and data traffic without interruption or unacceptable latency.

In addition to performance and reliability, today’s data center must also be space efficient. Servers, routers, switches, backup power units and cable management systems must be carefully organized to make best use of available premium space. This is another major advantage of fiber optic cable and connectors: they are much smaller, weigh less, and provide up to 10 times more bandwidth capacity per connection than copper network cables.

L-com manufactures fiber optic cable assemblies designed to address these requirements for high bandwidth, superb reliability and highly efficient space profiles for data centers around the world. Our extensive off-the-shelf selection of fiber optic cabling can address every IT data center application.


OEMs require high performance, rugged fiber optic cabling solutions. Today’s communication devices demand ever faster, ever more compact designs in order to meet the requirements of OEMs. This exponential trend has driven the recent need for “fiber in the box” products.

Fiber cable is capable of speeds reaching 100 Gbps or more for voice, video and data transmissions. The very small form factor of fiber cables allows OEM products to reach high capacity levels while occupying very little physical space to do so. As fiber is immune to EMI/RFI interference, this cable type is also perfect for devices exposed to electrically “noisy” environments, such as those found in manufacturing and automation applications.

L-com manufacturers OM1 through OM4 multimode cable assemblies, as well as Single mode cable assemblies that utilize LC, MPO, SC and ST connectors. In addition, we can design and manufacture custom fiber optic cables to your exact specifications.


Fiber optic technology has proven its immense value in military applications, most notably in battlefield communication systems. Fiber’s immunity to EMI and RFI interference prevents signal distortion caused by either other electrical system components or intentional external efforts. Fiber can support transmission over very long distances before requiring a repeater. Most importantly, fiber offers extremely high bandwidth capacity with superb security, enabling high quality communications with very low opportunity for enemy interception.

To meet the high quality demands of military fiber network communications systems, L-com manufactures a full range of fiber cable designs that incorporate specialized tactical feature sets. These military tactical fiber cables include impact and crush resistance characteristics that fully comply with military specification requirements. In addition, L-com manufactures OM1, OM2, OM3 and Single mode waterproof IP67 fiber optic cables for use in environments where moisture, chemicals, corrosive gases and liquids are prevalent.

For military applications requiring specialized design requirements, we also design and manufacture custom military-grade fiber optic connectivity solutions.


Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies