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Cable Assemblies: USB

Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports exist nearly everywhere today, from desktop PCs to the industrial PLCs used to manage and regulate factory automation processes. Phones, tablets, video game systems, music players and even advanced medical care systems: in nearly all modern data communications applications, USB has become the dependable connectivity technology of choice.

USB offers many significant advantages as an interface, protocol and design. It provides both power and data transmission on a single cable, while supporting small form factor connectors (mini and micro options) as well as high speed data transfers (up to 4.8 gigabits per second, using USB 3.0). These features have driven the adoption of USB as a more reliable alternative to serial and parallel connectivity, reducing the cost and complexity of communications devices.

With the widespread use of USB today, many in-place applications are currently located in confined spaces, harsh industrial settings and mission critical architectures. These high performance environments require USB cabling that exceeds the design standards of typical consumer-grade USB cables.

In addition to standard USB assemblies, L-com offers a complete line of high grade USB cables that incorporate features such as armor and shielding, low smoke/zero halogen (LSZH) jackets, panel mount designs, latching connectors, and 90- and 45-degree angles – all off the shelf, ready for immediate delivery. We can also custom manufacture USB cable assemblies to meet your specific design requirements.



Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), in virtually every industry, have been designing and manufacturing products equipped with USB ports since the protocol was introduced in 1996. In the time since, economies of scale and widespread adoption have driven the manufacturing costs of USB chipsets sharply downward. OEMs have subsequently benefited greatly from the low costs, space savings and flexibility as well as the combined power and data support that USB offers.

In many cases, industrial environments with significant shock, vibration, water and dust exposures present daunting design challenges to manufacturers of USB-enabled products. Additionally, many applications require installation in confined spaces. Enclosures, control panels and compact medical devices demand small form factor connectivity in excess of most consumer-grade USB designs.

L-com manufactures unique, specialized USB cable assemblies designed to meet the stringent quality, functionality and cost criteria that OEMs demand. Our ISO 9001:2008-compliant, global manufacturing facilities are capable of producing custom USB solutions to satisfy any OEM design requirement, incorporating the highest quality components available on today’s market.

Machine Vision

Machine vision – the use of automated image-based inspection and analysis – is a critical and rapidly evolving technology used today in robotic guidance systems, sorting applications, visual quality inspection systems, material handling, optical gauging and many more important applications. Each of these systems, indispensible to the efficient operations of manufacturing and processing facilities, can suffer unacceptable and expensive downtimes when inferior USB cables are used.

As a member of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), L-com designs and manufactures high quality USB 3.0 cable assemblies for specific use in vision systems, incorporating features such as locking thumbscrews to prevent accidental detachment, 30-microinch gold connector plating and double shielding.


Industrial environments place harsh stresses on data transmission systems, requiring specialized cabling in order to operate safely and effectively. Devices in modern automation, process and manufacturing operations commonly employ programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Industrial Ethernet switches and human machine interfaces (HMIs) that all depend on USB ports for connectivity.

These applications require USB cables designed to a higher standard than basic consumer-grade USB cables. To address these high demands, L-com manufactures a full range of cable designs using plastic- and metal-armor that delivers crush resistance up to 1,500 PSI. In addition, L-com offers IP67-rated industrial USB cable assemblies, shielding to minimize EMI/RFI effects, and low smoke/zero halogen (LSZH) cable jackets and connector over molds to reduce release of toxic gases in the event of a fire.


Today, medical devices employed in hospitals, doctors’ offices and home healthcare applications rely upon USB technology for fast, reliable “plug and play” data connectivity. These devices must be easily upgradeable, portable, robust and capable of supporting easy and energy-efficient exchange of data in high pressure, critical environments. USB not only delivers these benefits, but the additional availability of small form factors and cross-manufacturer interoperability makes USB an ideal choice for designers of medical devices.

L-com partners with leading medical device manufacturers and healthcare institutions, in order to provide USB connectivity solutions designed for the specific needs of medical applications. These solutions include panel-mount USB cable assemblies, right angle and 45-degree USB cables, low smoke/zero halogen (LSZH) USB cables and more. Our capabilities also include special connector over mold designs and a wide range of length, color and connector end options.


USB Cable Assemblies

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