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Conference Room Connectivity

The Extron Cable Cubby® Series/2 is the next generation of Cable Cubby cable access enclosures, the AV industry’s gold standard for conference table AV connectivity, AC power, and cable management, blending seamlessly with any furniture and room décor, virtually disappearing into the surface when closed.
The Extron Retractor Series/2 is a patented, variable-speed cable retraction and management system. Retractor Series/2 modules support most AV and data signal types. The cables retract at the press of a button, with integrator-adjustable retraction speed control for smooth operation in both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations.
Cable Cubby enclosures are available in two sizes with or without integrated TouchLink® touchpanels, accommodating a wide selection of optional connector combinations. Cable Cubby TouchLink touchpanels blend seamlessly into aesthetically-sensitive, high profile surroundings, mounting nearly flush with the tabletop when not in use.
Extron HSA - Hideaway Surface Access enclosures offer a perfect blend of practicality and sophistication, with inconspicuous and convenient access to AC power and AV system connections. HSA enclosures are available in three primary configurations that complement most room designs and furniture types.
One of the most important aspects in any AV system design is the user's interaction with the system. Extron AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates and MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plates are mountable metal plates available in hundreds of models offering popular AV pass-through connectors.
Extron offers Architectural Mounting Frames that support the installation of Flex55, EU, AAP – Architectural Adapter Plates, MAAP – Mini Architectural Adapter Plates, and decorator-style modules for AV connectivity, control, and AC power. These frames allow AV technology to blend into its surroundings.
Extron AV wallplates are designed and engineered to blend seamlessly into any AV environment while contributing to overall system reliability and ease of use. The wallplates fit standard electrical boxes and cable channel systems, and offer professional connectivity and an elegant finish in any installation.
Architectural connectivity products combine aesthetics and ergonomics with simple installation and application flexibility, for discreet integration of sophisticated AV equipment. These architectural connectivity solutions meet a variety of integration needs such as boardrooms, training facilities, classrooms, and control centers.

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