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Connectors and Adapters: Audio/Video

Connectors and adapters used for today’s demanding audio/video applications require high quality materials and construction in order to ensure smooth and reliable low-latency multimedia performance.

From digital signage to medical monitors used in operating rooms, A/V adapters and connectors are critical components in nearly every industry, for many diverse applications. Businesses rely on high quality video and audio connectivity products to ensure optimal productivity, increased revenue and rapid and reliable team communications.

Some manufacturers, unfortunately, cut corners on the materials and manufacturing processes they use to produce their A/V adapters and connectors. These low quality connectors and adapters diminish the quality of audio and video signal output, producing inferior results which can negatively impact a business and reduce the value of their expensive A/V infrastructure investments.

L-com manufactures high quality A/V connectors and adapters designed for use in applications such as PC monitor connectivity, conference room display, projector connectivity, medical monitoring and imaging, industrial HMI connectivity and more.



Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) incorporate A/V connectors and adapters in the designs of virtually every type of product used across many different global industries. To ensure the success of their products, OEMs utilize only the highest quality A/V interconnect components.

L-com’s off the shelf selection of A/V connectors and adapters address enclosure and panel mounting applications, as well as designs that require inline connections. In addition, L-com can custom manufacture A/V interconnection products to meet OEMs specific requirements.

Our ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facilities use only high quality components and materials, in order to ensure that OEMs always receive the highest performing A/V connectors and adapters.

IT Infrastructure

Every business today requires the use of some type of analog or digital display such as PC monitors, projectors or HDTVs for meeting and conference rooms, as well as touch screens for manufacturing and production applications.

IT professionals depend on L-com’s A/V connectors and adapters to ensure delivery of high quality A/V output every time. A/V connectors and adapters used in business applications must deliver clear, reliable audio and video to keep the business running smoothly.

L-com manufactures HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, SVGA, 3.5 mm, and RCA adapters for use in myriad IT applications, for both small and large business needs. Our A/V connector offerings includes pro-audio XLR and ¼ inch TS connectors, as well as a series of unique field termination connectors featuring S-Video, HD15-SVGA, DVI, HDMI interfaces and more.


A/V connectors and adapters are commonly used in consumer entertainment products including HDTVs, video gaming platforms, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and multimedia content delivery systems used for both personal and business A/V applications. To achieve the highest quality output from these devices, professional grade connectivity components must be used.

L-com manufactures A/V adapters and connectors that incorporate only the highest quality materials, in order to ensure a high definition, high fidelity audio and video experience every time.

In addition to our off the shelf selection of A/V adapters and connectors, L-com can manufacture custom A/V interconnect products to address myriad entertainment applications.


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