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Connectors and Adapters: Coaxial

Coaxial connectors and adapters are used across many different industries for applications ranging from wireless network connectivity, test and measurement applications, video surveillance, broadcast and aerospace applications.

To address both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm coaxial applications there are many different styles of coaxial connectors and adapters available including BNC, SMA, Type-N, Type-F, RCA, MMCX and more. Each type was designed for a specific use but still uses a basic coaxial design for use on various types of coaxial cable ranging from low loss RF coax cable, semi rigid and formable coax cable, and specialized hi-temp coax used in harsh environments.

One thing all of these coaxial connectors and adapters have in common is that they are critical to the systems they connect to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Using inferior materials and manufacturing techniques can compromise critical communications systems.

L-com manufactures coaxial adapters and connectors with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure rugged, reliable, always available coaxial connectivity. Customers all over the world depend on L-com for high quality coaxial connectors and adapters that perform every time.


Wireless Networking

WISPs, systems integrators and IT professionals depend on high quality connectivity products for their WLAN networks. One faulty connection can cripple a wireless communications system or significantly reduce the overall performance of a network.

Each connection point in a wireless network is critical to performance of the entire network. Every connection must be considered including the adapters and connectors used in the wireless system.

To ensure optimal wireless network performance, contact and pin plating, connector and adapter body materials and construction must all be superior.

L-com uses only the highest quality subcomponents and latest manufacturing techniques to ensure always-on wireless connectivity for wireless systems of every size. We offer a wide range of coaxial connectors and adapters to suit every wireless networking application.

Video Surveillance/CCTV

75 Ohm coaxial connectors and adapters are used to connect cameras, video recorders and monitoring systems to help deter theft and protect property and people. In order to be effective these coaxial connected surveillance systems must employ high performance connectors and adapters to provide seamless, clear images that can be used in courts as evidence or in real time interdiction measures.

L-com’s 75 Ohm connectors and adapters are the critical link connecting video surveillance systems. Businesses and governments depend on our high quality coaxial interconnect products to provide the availability, accuracy and reliability required by today’s video surveillance systems.


From test and measurement equipment to high end video surveillance systems, L-com has provided custom and off the shelf coaxial connector and adapter solutions for just about every type of application across many different industries. Our manufacturing capabilities, engineering experience, and commitment to offering our customers only the highest quality products makes L-com the manufacturer of choice for OEMs around the world.

L-com’s ISO 9001:2008 global manufacturing facilities utilize state of the art assembly and test equipment and are capable of small and large production runs to meet every OEM requirement.


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