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Connectors and Adapters: Ethernet

From the data center to the manufacturing floor, Ethernet is the technology choice for reliable high speed networks everywhere.

Today’s many digital voice, video and data applications demand very high bandwidth with uninterrupted connectivity. With the growing need for high speed throughput and robust availability in even the most demanding low latency network platforms, only quality Ethernet connectors – designed with quality components and according to stringent manufacturing standards – are up to the task.

As an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, L-com ensures that our Ethernet connectors and adapters are built and tested to perform to the highest industry quality benchmarks.



For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), a basic off-the-shelf Ethernet connector may not always be adequate for inclusion in a newly designed product or system. For small and large scale projects that demand unique or specific Ethernet solutions, L-com serves many of the world’s top OEMs with a wide variety of custom Ethernet connectivity options.

One of our best selling Ethernet adaptor lines, the ECF504 series, has been an OEM favorite for many years due to its flange-style panel mount design, shielding options and 50 micro-inch gold contact plating for optimal connectivity. In addition, L-com manufactures a complete line of Cat5e/6/6a keystone adapters, RJ45 shielded and unshielded Ethernet plugs, and IDC-style keystone jacks that are ideal for enclosures and panels.

To support Ethernet networks in industrial, outdoor and military applications, L-com offers IP68, IP67 and M12-series connectors and adapters designed to withstand harsh environmental factors such as moisture, dust, oil and UV light.

IT Infrastructure

Data centers are perhaps the most critical components of businesses today. As companies increasingly automate their processes and systems, they rely on data center uptime and dependable capacity in order to maximize profits and build market share. When network failure can quickly translate into the potential loss of millions of dollars, today’s data centers must be designed for optimum redundancy and resiliency while supporting high speed, bandwidth-intensive technologies.

L-com provides a complete range of highly durable Ethernet adapters and connectors for IT infrastructure and data center networking applications.

Systems Integration/Installation

System integrators depend on high quality connectivity products in nearly every important aspect of their businesses. Performance and durability – as well as off-the-shelf availability and next day shipping - are key requirements for network system integrators and vital to the success of their projects.

In addition, network installers and integrators today require interconnect products specifically designed to support today’s high speed gigabit switching and routing equipment. Sub-par connectivity products, on the other hand, can increase bit error rates (BER) and cause network disruptions that can quickly result in significant business losses. This is why integrators and installers around the world depend upon L-com for high quality interconnection products that outperform every time.

Tested and certified to meet high performance Cat5e/6/6a standards, L-com connectors and adapters are designed to deliver true and dependable operational quality in even the toughest project environments.


Ethernet Connectors

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