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Connectors and Adapters: USB

Universal Serial Bus (USB) provides many advantages over other data connection technologies, such as the integration of data and power delivery, high speed throughput (4.8 Gbps, as of version 3.0), plug and play connectivity and multi-vendor interoperability standards.

USB also offers a relatively small connector footprint, making it an ideal solution for products such as smartphones, tablets and other compact communications devices. For these reasons and more, USB can be found today in a wide range of products and industries including healthcare, industrial manufacturing, entertainment, gaming and personal communications.

To address this wide breadth of USB-enabled applications, L-com manufactures many unique USB adapter and connector solutions. These options range from right angle and panel mount adapters to waterproof IP67 and field termination USB connectors.



Original equipment manufacturers have been implementing USB ports in devices for years, due to the technology’s proven high speed performance, data and power handling capabilities, and the declining costs of reliable USB chipsets due to economies of scale. Additionally, USB offers OEMs the small form factors required for many of today’s industrial, medical and commercial communications devices.

Some challenges that OEMs face in their new USB designs include the presence of high EMI/RFI environments, intended use in confined space applications (such as enclosures and panels), and industrial environmental factors such as exposure to shock, vibration, water and fine particulates.

For these often difficult OEM design requirements, L-com manufactures USB connectors and adapters that include right angle orientations, panel mounting capabilities, waterproof options and other specialized features for use in industrial environments.

Additionally, our ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facilities are capable of producing custom USB connectors and adapters to satisfy any OEM design requirement.


As USB technology continues to expand its presence in industrial connectivity applications, USB interconnection devices are increasingly being used in programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial computing platforms, Industrial Ethernet switches and human machine interfaces (HMIs). These applications all demand high speed data connectivity points for accessing, configuring and controlling critical industrial communications devices.

The broad range of industrial USB applications often found in automation, process and manufacturing operations require interconnect products that are built to withstand the impacts of vibration, dust, water and other contaminating factors – harsh environments that exceed the operating tolerances of standard commercial USB connectors and adapters.

L-com designs and manufactures purpose-built industrial strength USB connectivity products, built to withstand these extreme industrial conditions while providing high reliability and availability.


Today’s medical devices require fast and easy exchange of data, low power consumption and small form factors. USB provides all of these benefits, as well as “plug and play” connectivity and standardized multi-vendor interoperability. In addition, the cost of USB chipsets continues to decline due to its popularity and economies of scale. Combined, all of these factors make USB very desirable for use in medical devices that need to be portable, robust and easily upgradeable.

From off the shelf products to custom USB connectors and adapters, L-com has a best fit solution. We manufacture right angle USB adapters, panel mount and keystone-style shielded USB adapters, as well as field termination USB connectors for use in medical device and medical facility applications.

Our custom capabilities include customized connector over mold designs, as well as custom connector end options and more.


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