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Equipment Protection: NEMA Enclosures

Distributed network assets, such as Ethernet switches, media converters, PLCs, and other sensitive network equipment, require substantial and reliable protection. They need to be isolated from environmental elements such as moisture, corrosive materials, extreme temperatures, vibration, dust and other factors that could disable the device or limit network performance. In addition, for security purposes they must be protected from tampering and vandalism.

If your network makes use of high-value and/or sensitive distributed assets, L-com can help protect your investments with our broad offering of NEMA-rated industrial enclosures.

Key features include:

L-com’s enclosures are perfect for housing both wired and wireless communications equipment. L-com stocks non-powered, AC powered, DC powered and PoE equipped enclosures.



Wherever valuable assets are deployed - on a cell tower, on a rooftop, in the open-access basement of a commercial building or in a retail store - they must be kept secure.

L-com’s rugged equipment enclosures provide secure storage in non-secure areas, and offer a complete selection of options available to address even the harshest of environments.

Equipment Protection

Critical network elements - especially active components such as switches, media converters and PLCs -need to be protected from environmental dangers such as wind, rain, particulates and extreme temperatures.

In many cases, the need for equipment enclosures is not limited to outdoor environments. Factory floor and processing facilities also often require equipment protection from corrosive chemicals, gases, dust and impacts.


NEMA-Rated Industrial Enclosures

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