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L-Com Ethernet Tips

Telecom / Modular (Ethernet) Tips Answers, Videos, PDFs
What are the types of shielded cabling?
What are the M12 adapter configuration options?
Using L-com’s right angle Cat5E coupler
Which patch cords are best for a 10/100 Ethernet network?
How to attach a field installable harsh environment plug
What are the application differences between crossed and straight pinned modular cables and adapters? Typically cross pinned products are used for Telephony, and straight pinned products are used primarily in Data applications.
Can L-com custom pin modular adapter kits for me? L-com solicits quotations for custom programming to fit your needs.
What kind of shield do RS series adapters use? Built into the gray plastic case assembly is an inner formed metal shield. This provides 100% EMI/RFI protection when used with fully shielded modular plugs.
Is there a standard pinout for a d-sub to modular adapter? No. There is no encompassing standard that applies to a modular/d-sub adapter. Pinning is typically application specific.
What is the maximum recommended panel thickness for mounting keystone jacks and adapters? The maximum recommended panel thickness is .062".
How to buy the right modular plug There are two important characteristics to keep in mind when selecting the proper plug. First, do the wires utilize solid or stranded conductors. Plugs for solid conductor cabling use contacts that straddle the wire. Plugs for stranded conductor cable use plugs that pierce the wire. Next, the outer dimensions of the cable jacket must be known for proper fit. The following definitions are sometimes useful: SOLID vs STRANDED WIRES: Cable utilizing SOLID wiring is commonly used for permanent premise wiring runs inside walls and ceilings. It is less flexible and cheaper than stranded cable therefore lending itself to areas where it won’t be flexed. STRANDED cable is more flexible and is commonly used in patch cords where flexibility is important. SOLID bulk cable is usually sold in pull out boxes whereas STRANDED bulk cable is usually sold in reels or spools.
FLAT vs ROUND CABLING: Modular cable can come with either a FLAT or ROUND jacket over the wires. The plug should have the appropriate entry so that it makes a snug fit with the cable jacket.
SHIELDED vs UNSHIELDED CABLING: If shielded cabling is used, shielded plugs are most likely needed.