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Hetec Multiviewing & KVM

The Hetec Multiviewer product family has successfully been installed in thousands of mission critical 24/7 applications worldwide since 2004. Thousands of customers and partners around the world trust in HETEC multiviewer hardware quality, made in Germany.

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ITM Components are able to supply the full range of Hetec's Multiviewer and KVM range. If a particular option is not on our website, please contact us to obtain further details and pricing.

Hetec Multiviewing & KVM

V-Switch Quad XP | Multiviewer

V-Switch quad XP simultaneously displays four analog or digital computers and video sources on a single screen in real time and with fluid video performance at full refresh rates without frame dropping. Each input video can be resized and repositioned anywhere on the display. Computer sources can be controlled with just one keyboard and mouse or by touch screen.

Additionally, the transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix allows switching of USB devices like printers, memory sticks or fingerprint readers to all computers. HDMI-Audio with 7.1 surround sound is also supported. The implementation of HDCP ensures full compliance with a complete range of multimedia computers, video players, displays and projectors.

V-Switch quad XP with:

  • Real time video performance
  • Rotation video content by 90°
  • Free scaling
  • Support of 7.1 audio format
  • Full frame rate display for all channels
  • Flexible positioning and resizing of video windows
  • Cross channel support for mouse, keyboard and touchscreen
  • Presentation mode
  • HDCP-support

Fluid video performance, DVI & VGA, HDMI, HDCP

V-Switch quad XP can process analog and digital video signals via DVI-I ports (HDMI by adapter) as both input and output. Various video modes up to 1920x1200, including HDTV resolutions with HDCP encryption, are supported in any combination as input and output. Each video source can be freely resized and repositioned anywhere on the display. V-Switch quad XP features fluid video performance in real time without frame dropping, allowing for perfect display of movies and animated content. When scaling videos up and down, the highly sophisticated 6-symbol interpolation filter guarantees brilliant image quality and sharp readability of text. The 30 bit RGB video engine ensures extremely precise rendering of colors as required in broadcasting.

Data Sheet V-Switch Quad XP

Manual V-Switch Quad XP

Comparison Chart

V-Switch Quad II | Multiviewer

V-Switch quad II is an exclusive combination of a multiviewer, video scaler, video converter, USB 2.0 matrix and KVM switch. V-Switch quad II simultaneously displays four analog or digital computers and video sources on a single screen. In addition, these computers can be controlled with just one keyboard and mouse or touch screen. The integrated transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix allows switching USB devices like printers and external memory to all computers. V-Switch quad products feature proven quality made in Germany: V-Switch quad successfully has been installed in thousands of mission critical applications worldwide since 2004.

Multiviewer as Display Splitter, Monitor Splitter, Touch Screen Splitter

As a multiviewer V-Switch quad II splits the display in multiple areas and shows all video sources at the same time as multi-image e.g. in Quad mode, Dual mode, as well as various PiP (picture-in-picture) modes. V-Switch quad II multiviewer KVM supports almost any analog or digital display, like a computer monitor, a projector, rear-projection display, and LCD TVs. A special feature of V-Switch quad II is its compatibility with many USB touch screen models. On a touch screen this multiviewer display splitter visualizes multiple sources simultaneously and allows operating the sources comfortably with the touch of your finger. V-Switch quad II supports many USB touch screen models.

Multiviewer KVM with DVI & VGA, HDTV, PS/2 & USB

V-Switch quad II can process analog and digital video signals via DVI-I ports as both inputs and output. This multiviewer KVM display splitter supports various video modes up to 1920x1200, including HDTV resolutions. Additionally, any combination of input and output resolutions can be used. V-Switch quad II also permits configuration of the EDIDs at the input ports. Computers with PS/2 and USB keyboard and mouse can be connected to this multiviewer KVM switch.

Display Splitter KVM Switch with transparent USB 2.0 Matrix

V-Switch quad II features a transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix to switch USB devices like finger printers, memory sticks, and webcams to computers connected. For intelligent and failsave switching, V-Switch quad II offers three options: The switching can be performed automatically together with the active channel (on of the four input sources) or manually with and without warning. For example, a single finger printer can be used to log in on all computers connected to this multiviewer KVM switch. Data can be copied from one computer connected to V-Switch quad II to the other without being networked – just via memory stick connected to one of the four USB 2.0 ports on the rear panel of V-Switch quad II.

Multiviewer KVM Display Splitter with Return on Investment

Using this multiviewer KVM switch, space and cost of three displays / monitors, three keyboards, and three mice can be saved! If there are many computer sources to be administrated, the use of multiple V-Switch quad II display splitter saves a vast amount of space and multiple workspaces. This foto shows an example of a monitor splitter installation at a broadcast studio producing New Media Products such as MMS, SMS, and Webstreaming. 28 Encode servers are displayed on just 7 displays at the same time and can immediately be accessed and operated with a single keyboard and mouse at the operator´s position.

Display Splitter to improve overview

V-Switch quad II Display Splitter KVM Switch allows administrating more computers on less space compared to setups where there are no multiviewers installed. The total image surface to be monitored is smaller and thus easier to manage. This Multiviewer display splitter improves overview of all sources to be monitored. Therefore reaction time can be reduced using this quad KVM switch.

Multiviewer KVM Switch supporting most computer types

V-Switch quad II is a combination of a multiviewer and a High-End KVM switch. As KVM switch it features connectivity for notebooks, Mac computers, SUN with USB, PCs, and many more. It supports almost all types of computers and operating systems, analog and digital video, USB and PS/2 for keyboard and mouse.

Plug&Play Hardware Multi View KVM Switch ready to go

To the Multi-Image Display KVM Switch V-Switch quad II all sources / computers, a display, keyboard & mouse, and USB 2.0 peripherals can directly be connected using the cables supplied. No software installation is required!

data sheet V-Switch quad II

Comparison Chart


A multiviewer is a display splitter. It can compile multiple video inputs to create a new composed general overview image. A multiviewer therefore makes it possible to display several videos simultaneously on one display. It can divide a screen into multiple areas. A multiviewer is also called display splitter, monitor splitter, or screen splitter.

There are two types of multiviewer: Multiviewer hardware and multiviewer computers with operating systems. A "lean" approach to firmware programming characterizes multiviewer hardware. These data processing programs that are integrated in the hardware control the hardware. This is the purpose they have been developed exclusively. Therefore this firmware/software is comparatively lean and stable. Hardware and integrated firmware/software together form a failsafe, closed system, which can be employed even in mission critical 24/7 applications. A multiviewer server is based on computers and operating systems. Multiviewer computers are powerful computers with input and output cards. In most cases, they run on one of the common operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows. On a multiviewer server there is special multiviewer software installed. In conjunction with the graphics card output, the multiviewer server generates a new image – a new desktop. The input sources can then be opened as individual windows on the desktop.

In contrast to this, purely hardware multiviewers do not start an operating system and do not open a desktop. Instead, efficient scalers/video processors directly compile the input sources to form a new image output. In hardware multiviewers, the power supply can be switched on and off at any time without affecting the multiviewer itself. Within a very short time after being switched on, the hardware displays the image compiled from input sources. An example of a high-end, since 2004 globally well established hardware multiviewer is V-Switch quad II.

Performance Features

  • FullscreenPicture in PictureWin ModeQuad Mode

    (Left to Right) Full Screen, Picture-in-Picture, Win-Mode, Quad-Mode.

    Full Screen: In full screen mode a swichable single source is displayed.

    Picture-in-Picture: If the PIP function (Picture in Picture) is activated, the three other video sources can be displayed on the right side of the frame as thumbnails and are therefore monitored simultaneously. The size, position and selection of these thumbnails can be freely chosen.

    Win-Mode: In “Win-mode” all audio sources can be independently positioned as desired like screen windows. The sources (windows) may overlap and can be transparent. The scaling and positioning can be done using a mouse or more comfortably by touch screen. Four presets for custom window configurations enable a quick access. These may be recalled for example via the front keys or the keyboard hotkeys.

    Quad-Mode: In Quad-mode, the screen is divided into four equal parts. Each of these screen areas show the entire screen content of a video source or computer.

  • The V-Switch quad XP processes input and output of analog and digital video signals via DVI-I ports. In addition HDMI sources can be connected via passive HDMI to DVI adapters. All video modes up to 1920×1200 are supported, including HDTV resolutions with HDCP encryption. These can be combined on the input and output side. Size and arrangement of the individual on-screen video sources can be selected arbitrarily. The V-Switch quad XP provides a smooth real-time video display at full frame rate and thus warranting perfect reproduction of movies and animations. The sophisticated 6-symbol interpolation filter guarantees an outstanding image quality and crisp text rendering despite video scaling. A 30-bit RGB video engine ensures extremely accurate color reproduction, meeting studio technology requirements.

  • USB 2.0 Matrix

    The V-Switch quad XP uses the integrated high-speed USB 2.0 matrix to switch connected USB devices on linked computers. This is done either with the active channel or manually, with or without warning. Practical application: Data can be copied from one computer to another without them being linked – simply via a connected memory stick.

    The USB 2.0 Matrix operates transparently, compatible with any standard USB device and any operating system. No driver installation is necessary.

  • For the mouse and keyboard operation the computers are connected to the V-Switch quad XP via USB or PS/2 cable. The HDMI/DVI connector allows the playback of 7.1 surround sound. Stereo audio signals are locally put out via S/PDIF or TOSLINK (digital) or via audio-jack (analog). These connectors can be used for an audio amplifier.

  • The user has different options to use the V-Switch quad XP:

    • With the keys at the front of the device
    • By touchscreen, by mouse
    • Through external device configuration program or through serial control devices via DCP-XML protocol
    • By keyboard through definable hotkeys

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