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Industrial Connectivity Solutions

Our L-Com brand range of connectivity products for industrial environments are all designed, manufactured and tested by L-Com. Products are tested to meet or exceed performance specifications under strict Quality Control procedures. You can be confident that L-Com connectivity products will do what you need them to do.

Industrial applications cover many uses, but often share common requirements. They typically operate in extremely harsh environments, under temperature extremes, with exposure to corosive materials, and more.

Industrial Connectivity Products

     GigE Machine Vision Ethernet Assemblies

To optimise signal integrity, these Cat 5e and 6a Cable Assemblies are designed for high speed Gigabit Ethernet networks, with jackets able to withstand hazardous industrial environments. Machine Vision standard screws allow connectors to be locked down to protect against vibration, movement, and accidental disconnect.

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Vision USB Cable     Vision USB 3.0 Cable Assemblies

L-Com Vision USB cable assemblies, manufactured per the USB3 Vision standard, are ideally suited for machine vision applications. The screw mount hardware is also beneficial for other industrial applications where USB connectors can become dislodged due to jostling, vibration, etc. L-Com is a member of the Automated Imaging Association.

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USB 3.0 Extenders     USB 3.0 Extenders

This two-port super speed extension enables USB 3.0 connections at up to 5 Gbps over 330 ft of multimode fibre optic cable. Features two locking USB 3.0 ports per AIA USB3 Vision specification and delivers 900 mA of power to each port.

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     Outdoor & Industrial Continuous Flex Ethernet

Protect outdoor ethernet runs with L-Com outdoor rated cable assemblies. In addition, L-Com Industrial Continuous Flex Ethernet assemblies are made to take a beating. Built with ultra-flexible cable, these assemblies are designed to be flexed for millions of cycles without performance degradation.

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Industrial Fibre Cables     Industrial Fibre Cable Assemblies

L-Com's IP67 rated Duplex LC cable assemblies are designed for use in harsh industrial environments. These rugged assemblies feature outdoor-rated cable which stands up to hostile environmental conditions.

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Military Grade Fibre Optic Cable     Military Grade Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

These military-grade fibre optic patch cables feature impact and crush resistance to comply with military requirements. Assemblies with ruggedised ST connectors feature rust-resistant stainless steel bodies and extra high force springs to ensure tight mating when exposed to shock and vibration.

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IP67 IP68 Rated USB Cable     IP67 & IP68 Rated USB Cable Assemblies

L-Com Waterproof USB cable assemblies feature rugged molded or metal outer shells and threaded couplings with O-ring seals to withstand contaminants such as water or dust. Shielded versions are available, along with a variety of connector options. Revision 2.0 compliant.

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IP68 Rated RJ45 Cables     Ruggedised IP68 Rated RJ45 Cable Assemblies

These Cat5e assemblies are the most rugged and durable L-Com has ever offered. Designed for use in outdoor, industrial and military applications, where the harshest environments exist, these durable assemblies are built using our IP68 ruggedised RJ45 plugs and jacks. The Category 5e cable used in these assemblies is double-shielded, high-flex UV and oil-resistant and made with an FR-TPE (Flame-Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer) jacket that is CMX outdoor rated. Superior shielding of both the cable and connectors ensures higher data transmission rates up to Gigabit ethernet speeds.

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Transversely Sealed Connectors     Transversely Sealed Connectors

All of L-Com's ruggedised RJ45 jam nuts, flanges and in-line receptacles are transversely sealed and waterproof. The parts meet or exceed IP68 rating with or without dust covers or mated connectors engaged with the receptacle.

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Armoured USB Cables     Armoured USB, HDMI & D-Sub Cable Assemblies

A stainless steel and crush resistant jacket provides protection for USB, HDMI, D-Sub and DVI cables that are exposed to excessive force and other excessive conditions.

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M12 Cables     M12 Cable Assemblies

L-Com has a variety of M12 cable assemblies using4, 5, or 8 pin connectors for data, Cat 5e and Cat 6a. FR-TPE or PUR jackets can be UV, chemical and weld-splatter resistant, as well as high voltage, high flex, and outdoor rated. assemblies come in IP67, IP68, or IP69K and are ideal for outdoor, factory automation and other industrial environments.

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M8 Cables     M8 Cable Assemblies

L-Com's M8 cable assemblies can be used for applications requiring an IP sealed connector, in a tight space, such as in industrial control or sensor applications. M8 assemblies are designed to withstand harsh environmental, industrial and climate conditions.

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Cable Glands     Cable Glands

Cable glands and feed-throughs provide versatile solutions for running connections into panels and enclosures, while still maintaining an IP rated seal.

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NEMA Enclosures     NEMA Enclosures

L-Com industrial NEMA enclosures are designed to withstand the environmental and corrosive conditions in processing facilities and manufacturing plants. They are ideal for SCADA applications and outdoor field installations where sensitive electronics are exposed to extreme temperatures.

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Industrial Ethernet Media Converters     Industrial Ethernet Media Converters

L-Com plug and play Industrial Ethernet Media Converters feature dual 10/100TX RJ45 ports as well as one duplex SC fibre port. Available in Multimode and Single Mode versions.

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DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies     DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies

L-Com power supplies provide a reliable 24V DC power source for L-Com Industrial Ethernet switches and media converters. NEC Class 2/LPS Compliant.

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