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L-Com Audio Video Tips

Audio / Video Tips Answers, Videos, PDFs
How do I distinguish between various DVI configurations?
What is the difference between DVI single link and dual link?
Super thin VGA is ideal for tight-fitting spaces
When do you use Plenum Cable?
Using CTLB series cable for running through 3/4" conduit  | View Video
What are the major digital interfaces?
Video signal transmission
What is S-Video?
Using RGB, Component, S-Video and Composite Cable
How to perform a field installation of a DGBH15FT HD15 (SVGA) jack
Typical installation of an MD44FT field installable jack
What bandwidth amplification do I need when splitting or extending my monitor?
What is a KVM Switch? Why do I need one?
What are some of the typical products found in the Audio / Video section of L-com’s catalog? Some of the products contained in the Audio / Video section are cable assemblies of various configurations, bulk cable, gender changers, VGA extenders, video splitters, KVM extenders, media converters and switches.
What organization establishes standards for the video monitor industry? The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is the primary organization that establishes and supports video standards.
What are some of the common interfaces found on video monitor cables assemblies? Some of the common interfaces found on Video Monitor cables are HD15, EVC, DVI-D, DB9, 13W3, and BNC.
What is the primary purpose of a video cable assembly? The primary purpose of a video cable is to transmit video, and at times audio signals.
What does the term “composite sync” stand for? The term "composite sync" stands for a combination of horizontal and vertical sync pulses.
What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is a term used to describe the difference between the upper and lower useable limits of a band of frequencies.
What is a pixel? A pixel is a single point on a display. The density of pixels in a given area defines the resolution.
What does DDC stand for? DDC stands for Data Display Channel which is the standard that defines communications between a monitor and a host system.
What is the difference between analog and digital signals? An analog signal is one that continuously varies up and down in amplitude while a digital signal is a signal that is either on or off.
What does the term baseband stand for? The term baseband stands for the unmodulated video or audio signal with an exclusive transmission path.
What does SVGA stand for? SVGA is an acronym for Super Video Graphics Array.
What is EVC? EVC is an Enhanced Video Connection as established by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) as a new standard for advanced high bandwidth/high resolution monitors.