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Newnex Machine Vision Cable Solutions

Machine Vision

Machine vision has become a vital technology in the area of manufacturing and quality control owing to the progressing quality demands of manufacturers and customers. Machine vision uses image processing through the use of cameras mounted over production lines in order to visually check products, read, or direct the flow of products and increasingly, guide robots in real time without human intervention.

Experience has shown that, often, distance becomes the first obstacle anyone comes up against during the camera set up. With the recommended length limit for USB 3.0 A to Micro B cable connection of only 1 meter long, plenty of Machine Vision Industry Integrators shy away from upgrading into USB 3.0 cameras. Considering the speed and quality that USB 3.0 Super Speed can deliver, this is very unfortunate. Luckily, with our research and development, Newnex was able to introduce a variety of different lengths for USB 3.0 Machine Vision Industry, providing connectivity solutions from distance as short as a few inches to a set up that requires up to 300 meters in distance!


Machine Vision Cable Length

Newnex ensure quality by testing each and every product rigorously before shipping them out. They also run most of their cables with several different brands of Machine Vision cameras for more than 24 hours error-free to ensure compatibility.


Here are some of Newnex's Testing Result Documentation with listed USB 3.0 Cameras:


Basler USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Pleora USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Baumer USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Point Grey USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Hamamatsu USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

SVS-Visteck USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

IDS USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

The Imaging Source USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

JAI USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Toshiba-Teli USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Lumenera USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

TrueVision USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Matrix Vision USB 3.0 Camera Compatability

Ximea USB 3.0 Camera Compatability


USB 3.0 Passive Cables: For Short Distance Solutions up to 5 Metres

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For any application, having a secured connection is extremely important. Newnex manufacture a wide selection of high quality USB 3.0 locking cables. In addition, our USB 3.0 Locking Cables are USB3 Vision compliant.

USB 3.0 Active Cables: For Medium Distance Solutions up to 16 Meters

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Our Active Cables are capable of transmitting full USB 3.0 at 5.0Gbps signals for up to 16 meters. It includes USB3 Vision Standard Locking Screws, completely BUS Powered, full USB 2.0 backward compatibility, and it implements a true Plug and Play technology, requiring no additional drivers for PCs, Macs, and Linux. The FireNEX-uLINK™ is RoHS Certified and EMI Shielded.

USB 3.0 Optical Repeater: For Long Distance Solutions up to 300 Meters and 100 Metres with Power Delivery

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FireNEX-5000H™ is capable of transmitting full USB 3.0 at 5.0Gbps signals for up to 300 meters and 100 meters with power delivery. It includes USB3 Vision Standard Locking Screw mechanism and is BUS Powered. Also, FireNEX-5000H™ implements a true Plug and Play technology, requiring no additional drivers for PCs, Macs, and Linux. FireNEX-5000H™ is RoHS Certified and EMI Shielded.

Newnex was one of the key contributors to the mechanical specification for USB3 Vision standard. All Newnex machine vision cables are USB3 Vision compliant.

Newnex' USB3 Vision Compliant Locking Connectors' Measurement Chart

USB3 Measurement Chart


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