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Service Tools: Cable Testers

Network downtime can cost a business millions of dollars in lost revenue, productivity and customer confidence. Often these network outages can be traced back to the physical layer and problems with faulty infrastructure cabling and patch cords.

Test and troubleshooting equipment is vital to every business to ensure network uptime and stability. From network channel testing to continuity testing, permanent link testing and wire mapping testing, quality testing products can help you easily isolate faults and greatly reduce risks of network downtime.

L-com provides a wide selection of cable and network testers for coaxial, telephone, Ethernet, USB, fiber optic, electrical connections and more. No matter what you are testing, L-com’s cable testing products provide precision measurement and fast diagnosis to keep your network running smoothly.



Business networks, both large and small, require quality precision maintenance and troubleshooting tools in order to keep their networks running and revenue flowing. From simple go-no-go continuity testers to sophisticated OTDR’s and advanced network testers that map IP addresses and cable routes, L-com can provide every type of tester for enterprise networking and IT data communications applications.

Products Include:

  • Cable continuity testers
  • Fiber optic OTDRs
  • Cable length and fault meters (TDR)
  • Cable mapping & troubleshooting testers
  • Cable tracers
Systems Installation & Maintenance

Network systems installation and maintenance personnel depend upon cable test equipment every day to design and test the networks they build and maintain for their customers. Workspace analysis and planning must be accurate in order to meet stringent safety and regulatory network standards.

L-com’s tester offering provides the means to identify and proactively eliminate network deficiencies that could cost customers when network downtime occurs.

Network test and troubleshooting equipment is vital for systems integration, installation and maintenance personnel.