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Service Tools: Connector Sealing Plugs

Military, aerospace and other high-availability applications require components that are designed to perform under even the most demanding operating conditions. From materials to manufacturing processes, each component must be built to stringent specifications in order to reliably perform every time.

Aiconics manufactures interconnect products, including connector sealing plugs, to address Military/Aerospace and industrial connector maintenance and assembly applications. Aiconics connector grommet end sealing plugs are built to the highest quality standards, ensuring flawless performance you can count on.



Manufacturers of civilian and military aircraft demand high performance system components when implementing mission critical flight platforms. Aiconics meets and exceeds these requirements for quality and performance with a complete line of military- and aerospace-grade interconnect products.

Connector maintenance and assembly components are used for a wide variety of in-flight applications, including communications equipment, navigations systems, in-flight entertainment and more. Trusted by many leading manufacturers and operators of commercial and military aircraft, Aiconics provides the rugged, precision products that the most demanding Mil/Aero applications require.


Heavy construction and transportation equipment, including semi-trucks and mining vehicles, are regularly exposed to some of the harshest environments found anywhere in the world. From dirt and dust to rocks, water and other debris, heavy construction vehicles and support equipment must be designed to take a beating. Not only do the engines, suspensions and other chassis and drive components need to stand up to these extremes, but the electrical control and communications systems do as well.

Aiconics offers rugged, purpose-built connectivity components to address these extreme environments with high quality, precision products designed to stand up to the rigors of heavy construction and long haul transportation.