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Smart AVI - Audio Video for the Multi-User Environment

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SmartAVI products are tailored to address the needs of system integrators and individuals to transfer and share a variety of signals within individual system environments.

SmartAVI specialises in professional audio and video integration technologies for the multi-user environment. Some of its products include video extenders, video switches, video splitters, DVI extenders, KVM solutions, video walls, matrix switches, digital signage, computer-video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, fibre optic, infrared, and HDMI solutions.

SmartAVI solutions are distinctive because of their extensive experience in the computer industry. It is this expertise that provides customers with flexible and unique technology solutions.

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Video Extenders

Video Extenders, Audio Extenders, Audio Video over CAT5 and Video Distribution SmartAVI product extends composite video, audio, IR control, XVGA, DVI for PC, or ADC for MAC up to 1,000 feet from a host source with no loss of signal to remote devices using CAT5 cables.

Video Extenders

Video Switches

By using a video switch, you can route multiple sources (such as computers and/or DVD players) to multiple displays at will, taking full creative control of your presentations. These video switches are perfect for XVGA, DVI, ADC, SVGA, XGA, RGBHV and SOG signals and applications.

Video Switches

Video Splitters

Expand your audience with the use of a video splitter. Route your data from a single source to multiple target destinations, allowing your presentation to be seen not in one place – but several at once. This is the perfect solution for routing audio, video and IR control through retail locations, any point-of-sale or even mass-transit stations.

Video Splitters

DVI Solutions

With the use of a DVI extender, it’s possible to send any DVI-D signal up to 220 feet with the use of a CAT6 cable while retaining perfect sound and image quality up to 1920 x 1200. Perfect for nightclubs, lounges or retail locations, DVI extenders put you in control of where your content is displayed and how. This is also the ideal way to extend keyboard, mouse and/or audio over fibre.

DVI Solutions

HDMI Solutions

Our DVI extenders can extend any DVI-D signal up to 225 feet over a CAT6 STP cable while maintaining perfectly crisp audio and video resolution up to 1920 x 1200. Our HDMI switches also allow you to route from several HD sources to one HDTV or monitor – or a collection of monitors.

KVM Solutions

Great for keyboard, mouse, RS-232, and/or stereo audio signal extension up to 1,000 feet away with CAT5 cables, our KVM solutions will let you handle any workplace/workstation logistics challenge with no problem. Perfect for an environment where a CPU or multiple CPUs need to be grouped in one, secure location, an information kiosk, or an interactive in-store display.

Video Wall

With PresenterWall’s sophisticated, yet user-friendly technology at your fingertips, you can now place numerous images or a large high-resolution single image on multiple screens to create a dynamic presentation that will target your customers or dramatically enhance any area where PresenterWall is showcased.

SmartAVI’s PresenterWall has been designed with the common user in mind. We understand that you want a product that is simple to understand and easy to implement right out of the box without headache or frustration. Our programmers have taken great care to create software that allows even novice users to have PresenterWall up and running in minutes, achieving high-end results in just a short amount of time. Less hassle and more creative excitement is what you should expect as a SmartAVI customer. Once familiar with the PresenterWall software, you can begin experimenting and creating more complex presentations – complex in appearance, that is. Our user-friendly software makes “complicated” productions as simple as point… and click!

Smart AVI Video Wall

Digital Signage

SmartAVI provides flexible digital signage solutions that are scalable enough to meet the requirements of any user. We offer complete hardware/software Digital Signage and Video Wall solutions. Our digital signage and video wall products are designed to be easy to use yet powerful enough for even the most robust networks. Even novice users will have their digital signage project up and running in no time. Your digital signage network can range from one display up to thousands of displays located any where in the world. Our video wall products deliver high definition video up 64 screens.

Smart AVI Digital Signage

Fibre Optics

Our wide range of fiber optics digital extenders take VGA signals and transfer them as binary coded data, not as analog signals. This prevents corruption of the signal over the transmission line. The transfer is done by either CAT5 or fiber cable.


Where there are high-tech gadgets and products, there are accessories. Here, we have miscellaneous items that can help extend your signals, control your hardware and make your life easier.

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