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Theatrixx Video Converters

THEATRIXX Heavy Duty Video Converters

Theatrix Video Converters

Introducing the world's first video converters truly designed for the road

Integrated PSU - Integrated power supply with industrial standard locking PowerCON connector.

AC Outlet - Built-in Ac Outlet to power additional devices such as projector, TV and laptop.

Rugged - Rugged and tour ready with a super solid build, recessed and locking connectors to protect against accidental disconnection or damage.

Stackable - Unique magnetic stacking system plus a non stick rubber base to securely keep your converters in place

Plug and Play - Simple plug in your cables and the xVision converter will autodetect the signal - No dip switches or complicated configuration menus.

Mounting - Multiple built-in mounting options including c-clamp, wall mount, and LCD adapters.



XVV-SDI2HDMI-TRUE1 - Easy conversion between professional SDI and consumer HDMI with zero latency and two fully reclocked SDI looping outputs.


XVV-HDMI2SDI-TRUE1 - Hassle-free interfacing between consumer HDMI devices and professional SDI infrastructure. Guaranteed to work every time, even with Apple devices!

SDI DA 1:4

XVV-SDIDA-TRUE1 - Effortless distribution of signal with complete amplication and re-clocking to up to 4 destinations.

SDI Repeater

XVV-SDI2SDI-TRUE1 - Full re-clocking and amplification of two dual 3G-SDI lines. Perfect to extend long lines another 100 meters.

Audio De-Embedder

XVV-SDI2AUDIO-TRUE1 - SDI to HDMI conversion with audio de-embedding on two balanced Neutrik XLR connectors, and 3-segments LED level meters.

SDI to Fiber ST

XVV-SDI2FIBER-TRUE1 - SDI to Fiber optic cable. Can be fitted with OpticalCON Duo, Quad, ST or LC connectors, with single mode or multimode fiber support.

Fiber ST to SDI

XVV-FIBER2SDI-TRUE1 - Fiber optic to SDI. Can be fitted with OpticalCON Duo, Quad, ST or LC connectors, with single mode or multimode fiber support.


XVV-HDMI2HDBT-TRUE1 - Convert HDMI to HDBaseT and transport 4K30 signals and Ethernet over up to 100 meters of CAT6 cable. Coming Soon!


XVV-HDBT2HDMI-TRUE1 - HDBase T Reciever. Convert from HDBAseT on CAtx cable to HDMI.Coming Soon!